The best method of repair for a broken ceramic garden planter.

The repair of a broken ceramic garden planter requires a solution that provides a strong bond which will tolerate movement, weather extremes and temperature fluctuations whilst retaining its adhesive integrity. Garden planters, by their very nature, are always damp with plants requiring regular watering. It is therefore imperative that any solution used to repair a damaged planter is moisture tolerant and retains its bonding efficiency in both wet and dry conditions.

The issue with repairing broken planters has historically been the difficulty in finding an adhesive that provides a long life bonding solution in the presence of continual moist conditions and which is not susceptible to mould or fungal growth. It also needs to be a safe product in the context of its interaction with the soil or plants ensuring there are no toxins or any damaging chemicals in its formulation. Finding such a solution is easier said than done, but fortunately not impossible, thanks to the development of a revolutionary new sealant/adhesive from a company specialising in sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry.

CT1 have invented an amazing all in one sealant/adhesive – the eponymous CT1, which has been gaining traction in the Industry over the recent past and has quickly become the go-to adhesive/sealant product of choice for tradespeople in the UK ,Ireland and Europe.

Travis Perkins are a major stockist of this revolutionary sealant/adhesive for the UK.

A revolutionary safe sealant/adhesive is available to consumers.

The undoubted number one sealant/adhesive of choice to both the Construction Industry and DIY sector is CT1’s eponymous CT1 adhesive product. The result of years of research and development, this amazing bonding solution has been designed to be efficient, strong, safe and provide a lasting compound for gluing materials together.

Its formulation makes it the perfect repair solution for broken ceramic  garden planters. Discarded damaged planters can now be reinstated efficiently and safely with the assistance of CT1. Its formulation features makes it a high grab, high tensile strength safe bond that will weather all storms in the garden and provide the most proficient repair for all broken ceramic garden planters. They can enjoy a new lease of life, resurrected from the scrap heap of broken garden equipment, saving the expense of purchasing replacement planters.

CT1’s unique formulation provides a tensile strength of 265n per square centimetre which will make the planter repair even tougher than the ceramic material itself, providing a long lasting bond that will endure extremes of temperature and weather whilst allowing for movement and retaining its bonding integrity. As a solvent free product it is a non aggressive solution which bonds freely with almost any other material with the exception only of polypropylene. It provides a combined adhesive sealant that glues and seals simultaneously with equal proficiency and green credentials. As an environmentally friendly product CT1 has been certified safe with an ISEGA certificate which means it is safe to use in a food and medical environment.

Considering it was developed specifically for the Construction Industry, this signifies the levels of care exercised in its formulation. This compliance makes it an effective and safe solution for garden planter repairs where plants can develop and grow free of dangerous toxins and fumes.

Its UV resistance provides its capacity to be flexible and yet retain its bond efficiency.

CT1’s inherent characteristics make it the adhesive/sealant of choice for a wide range of applications not only in the Construction Industry but also for general consumer use in domestic and other situations.

Travis Perkins are the main stockist of CTI in the UK and are delighted to supply the ever growing consumer demand for this superb sealant/ adhesive product across the UK.

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