The Best Construction Adhesive Available

Power Grab n Bond is the best construction adhesive available on the market. C-Tec Building Product Specialists are pioneers in the development of construction adhesives and, after developing and introducing into the market our unique sealant and construction adhesive CT1 seven years ago, we have made another breakthrough.

Utilizing the latest technology and manufacturing expertise we were able to create a phenomenal adhesive the like to which has never been seen before. Power Grab n Bond is based on our CT1 unique hybrid polymer formulation, but with the ability to create instant adhesion even on vertical surfaces.

This incredible adhesive defies logic in its ability to bond weights up to 30 kilos on to vertical surfaces with no support required, creating instant adhesion with no sliding. Now that’s what we call “the best construction adhesive available”!

Some construction adhesives have to be mixed as they are made from the two component type adhesives. This type of two component adhesives has a large number of disadvantages. They lack the necessary flexibility and strength to adhere tough materials such as those regularly used in the construction and building industry. in addition to their low performance factors, they are also very slow to cure.

The unique Power Grab n Bond adhesive is a one component product with no need for mixing and is packed in an easy to use cartridge. The Power Grab n Bond adhesive, (not to be confused with Locktite’s Power Grab) has a bonding strength of 270n/m² which is as strong as a weld. This unique adhesive can create super bonds on most materials. These include stone, metal, plastic, lead, concrete and wood with immediate results.

This powerful construction adhesive makes little work of affixing stone cladding or capping stones. Power Grab n Bond has fantastic resistance to the elements from rain, U.V or extreme cold with no change. It truly is the best construction adhesive available. Many of our customers have used this product, not only on commercial applications but on numerous jobs at home. For example, affixing curtain poles to a cavity wall. This normally is a challenge but causes no problem for Power Grab n Bond adhesive. Nobody likes drilling into tiles but Power Grab n Bond can bond instantly: – Shower units, shelves, cabinets, rails, anything, with immediate results, the possibilities with this construction adhesive are unlimited.

Many people have used this construction adhesive for repairing panels in motor homes and caravans. When using Power Grab n Bond on metals or plastic, it is always advantageous to clean the surface beforehand and to use our C-Tec Multisolve which is perfect for this.




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