The Best Adhesive for Composite Decking Installation

Composite decking is a great choice to transform any outdoor space. Compared to traditional wooden decking, composite is designed to be highly weather-resistant and long-lasting. Those who opt for composite decking are often looking for quality and durability above all else. But a big factor in how durable your decking is, is how you install it.

Decking is usually held in place with nails, screws, and other attachment methods. But to ensure an even stronger and long-lasting hold, many recommend supplementing these with a waterproof and powerful adhesive, like CT1.

CT1 sealant and construction adhesive is the perfect partner to your composite decking installation. Why? Because it’s both strong and waterproof. These are qualities it boasts with confidence as an unrivalled leader in the all-purpose sealant and adhesive market.

Strength is a primary necessity when looking for an adhesive to install your composite decking. You need to be sure that your decking is going to stay in place safely for many years to come. CT1 can give you that peace of mind. Formulated with revolutionary TRIBRID® technology, CT1 sealant and adhesive has an impressive strength of 300 N/cm², making it a trustworthy adhesive for many heavy-duty applications, including installing composite decking.

The next thing you should look for in a sealant and adhesive used for any outdoor applications is water-resistance. If your adhesive can be penetrated by water, it can lead to mould, fungal growth, and rot, which can damage and destroy your composite decking. Yes, even composite decking can be vulnerable to rot! The added benefit of using adhesive alongside screws and nails is that it can help prevent this. Fixing a decking in place with adhesive seals it from the elements and protects it for much longer. But here’s the catch: you must use a waterproof adhesive.

CT1 is completely waterproof and can be used in any conditions. In fact, you could even install decking in the rain with CT1, as it can cure underwater! CT1 is trusted by many to provide a comprehensive, water-tight seal and bond, which is why it’s used prolifically in the marine and boating industry. If it can stand up to the aggressive and unending salt-water challenges at sea, the elements your composite decking faces will prove no match for CT1!

What’s more, CT1’s TRIBRID® technology formulation actively prevents mould and fungal growth. This technology kills 99.99% of bacteria on its surface. So you can have complete confidence that your composite deck is impervious to bacterial infestation and any subsequent damage.

If all that wasn’t enough, here are two extra benefits to using CT1 for your composite decking installation. 1) It’s also UV resistant, further increasing CT1’s durability for outdoor use. And 2) CT1 comes in a variety of colours and is scientifically proven not to fade over time. That’s right, CT1 is not only a high-performing sealant and adhesive, but it looks great too!

Where can you get your hands on this miracle product? CT1 construction sealant and adhesive is available to purchase from our retail partner, Toolstation. Find CT1 in stores across the UK and online now.

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