Stripping paint from alloy wheels the quick and easy way

There are various methods that you can use to remove paint or the clear coat from your alloys, but some are simpler than others. If you’ve never done a project like this before, there’s a simple at-home method that any beginner can use to get great results. All you need is one paint stripper product that’s safe and easy to use.

When stripping paint at home, you need to be extra cautious about the products you use. The typical ways of paint stripping, including using heat and chemical solvents, can be extremely harmful to you and your health. Most chemical paint strippers use toxic chemicals such as Methyl Chloride that has many worrying side effects.

The dangers of Methyl Chloride

If you use a paint stripper formulated with Methyl Chloride, you’re exposing yourself to a dangerous chemical. Inhaling this chemical could result in irritation of the respiratory tract, while prolonged exposure to the skin can cause burns. There are more concerning side effects on the nervous system, causing CNS depression, symptoms of which include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, headaches. Paint strippers with Methyl Chloride present are not suitable for use at home or advised in any capacity.

However, there is a product available that doesn’t contain this harmful substance. Peel Tec is an environmentally safe paint stripper that can be used without cause for concern to your health. But this doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. Peel Tec is just as powerful as other paint removers on the market, making it the best and safest paint stripping solution there is and perfect for doing your first ever paint stripping job.

How to remove paint from your alloy wheels at home

Peel Tec is designed as a non-aggressive paint stripper and is suitable for use on many materials, including metal, wood, hard plastic, cement, marble, and more. However, if you’re concerned about its suitability for your application, it’s best to test the compatibility of the surface first.

Using Peel Tec to remove paint from metal alloys is simple. Peel Tec comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can with a unique nozzle that applies the product directly to the desired area. To get started, shake the can and spray the gel liberally onto the surface. The revolutionary gel will start working straight away and, after ten minutes or so, will be ready for removal. If the layer of paint is thin or particularly permeable, you may only need a cloth to clean the paint and Peel Tec residue away. In other cases, you may need a more abrasive tool, such as a scrubbing brush or a scraper, to reveal the clean surface underneath.

With Peel Tec, you can say goodbye to unsafe methods of paint removal and hello to a safe solution with powerful paint peeling power.

This is just one of the quick and easy applications that any beginner Peel Tec user can confidently execute. To get started, pick up Peel Tec now from retailer, Jewson, our official partner!


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