Sticky label Remover

Several types of products such as doubled glazed windows, sanitary ware and electrical equipment, to name but a few, are delivered with some type of sticker/label on them. Trying to remove these sticky labels is normally very time consuming and annoying to say the least. The sticky nature of such labels makes detaching them from glass and other materials quite a problem. Without having the right label remover in hand, you could be scraping off sticky labels for hours on end with little progress.

Until C-Tec came up with Multisolve, there was no simple, efficient or safe method to properly remove these sticky labels. Now however, Multisolve provides the safest, most efficient and easiest solution to remove hard to budge stickers and old labels etc. Multisolve is a non-aggressive based on aliphatic hydrogen carbon solvents that is safe for the user and base materials such as glass, plastic and wood which would normally be stained when using conventional products. The reason why conventional products would stain these materials is due to the harmful burning method often used to remove such particles. However, Multisolve has taken a safer and far more effective route towards battling label removal by opting for a simple but powerful detaching process, rather than the harsh burning method used by many solvents on the market today.

In addition to the efficient removal of sticky labels, Multisolve is fantastic for removing old silicone, tar, adhesives and a multitude of stubborn residues. It is recommended to clean all surfaces with Multisolve before applying our CT1. In case you haven’t heard, CT1 is our revolutionary sealant and construction adhesive product which can be used to bond a large range of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, mirror, glass, tiles and concrete etc. It can be used underwater without causing mould or bacteria to breed on its surface.

The reason why these two products work so well together is because Multisolve provides a flawless finish to CT1’s application. It can also be used to clear the surface area from sticky debris left behind by old labels or stickers etc. Once cleaned, you are free to apply CT1 where needed without worrying about coming across any leftover debris.

When it comes to removing sticky labels, Multisolve really is your number one solution. It is a liquid based formula supplied in an aerosol can, which makes applying the product a simple point and spray process. In a matter of minutes, the sticky label will begin to detach from the base material without damaging the surface of the surroundings. This is great news, especially when you need to remove stickers or labels from a delicate surface area.

Are sticky labels making your life that much harder? Skip all of the hassle and remove sticky labels with CT1 Multisolve!


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