Sealing fish ponds is no longer a difficult task since the introduction of the CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive. Prior to this, fish pond sealants available were not really fit for their purpose.
There were many reasons but let’s look at what is available for this application, firstly there is the silicone sealant of various grades most of which contain harmful solvents. When applying these types’ products, the area where it is to be applied has to be perfectly dry as silicone will not adhere to a wet surface. Then the silicone sealant has to be left to cure for at least 48 hrs in order that none of the solvent escapes into the water which could potentially damage the fish.
Even when this process is carried out the effectiveness of these are fair to poor. This is predominantly due to the lack of adhesion of silicone sealant to rubber sheeting.
When using our revolutionary product for sealing it turns a very difficult task into a fast and easy task why?
Well CT1 is not a silicone sealant but unique hybrid polymer formulation that is able to stick onto wet surfaces even under water making it the perfect sealant for sealing fish ponds, it contains no solvents so will not contaminate the water extremely aquatic friendly. There have been occasions when the fish have nibbled at the cured CT1 with no adverse effect but with so many species of fish we cannot say that for all species. CT1 has a food safe certificate and is the 100% Eco-Compliant and has an EC1 and EC1 A+ certification.

The adhesion of this product on most materials including butyl rubber sheeting is quite formidable and will remain flexible a must for sealing fish ponds actually. It has an elongation break of 350%. So CT1 will seal the pond but also bond the rubber to stone.

It is fantastic for making repairs such as tears in the pond liner, this can be carried out without draining the pond, incredible but true.
We at C-Tec have had so many happy customers contacting us complementing us on how our CT1 has made the job of sealing an easy task. Equally the glee expressed by new inquires when they hear that CT1 will take care of sealing the fish pond with ease.


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