Seal a Leaking Conservatory

Many people approach C-Tec and ask if CT1 The Snag List Eliminator will seal their leaking conservatory. It seems like an impossible challenge for any one sealant or adhesive to master but CT1 can seal the deal in just one handy application. When it comes to sealing a conservatory, CT1 is the one-stop tool for the job. We can say this with 100% confidence based on our unique product development. Countless people have tried and tested our product for this exact purpose and numerous households have solved this problem using CT1.

A leaking conservatory is quite a common occurrence. The reason for this is the fact that the roof was not sealed correctly, or with an adequate sealant when it was first installed. In simpler terms, the woof at the apex of the conservatory is likely to have had its joints sealed with a silicone sealant during installation. Unfortunately, this type of sealant contains high levels of solvents that must evaporate when curing. This evaporation of the product causes serious shrinkage and thus, the seal is broken. Another factor towards a leaking conservatory is the fact that when the silicone cures and is exposed to direct sun (U.V), it becomes very brittle and begins to flake away as a result.

With CT1 however, you will not experience any of these problems. This unique bonding sealant seals all kinds of materials such as glass, tiles, wood, concrete, metal and plastic. It does so without posing as a threat to the synthetics of the material in use. Perhaps more importantly than this is the fact that CT1 sealant and adhesive will not shrink or crack. This is crucial when sealing a leaking conservatory as you don’t want the original problem to arise again in the future. Since CT1 contains no chemical solvents, it will not lose its grab when exposed to U.V. In fact, this powerful sealant is chemical resistant.

As expected, conservatory’s are exposed to a great deal of weather changes from the elements. Whilst other adhesives and sealants claim to be 100% water resistant, none can prove it quite as well as CT1. This incredible unique hybrid formula will not only work in both dry and wet conditions, it will also adhere under water. If the cause of the leaking conservatory is hard to reach, CT1’s handy thin nozzle will be able to access the places other sealants can’t.

The main cause of a conservatory leak is the problem of a silicone based sealant being used for the initial installation. The silicone simply cannot withstand sunlight and exposure to the elements, which is why it is advised to use CT1 instead. If consumers paying thousands of pounds for a new Conservatory were to insist on their installers using CT1 at £10.00, rather than a silicone at £1.00 this would prevent this from happening with no future annoyance. This is a minuscule investment in comparison to the overall cost of having to go and repair or even rebuild your leaking conservatory.


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