Safe Paint Removal: Peel Tec Vs. Traditional Paint Removers

Are you looking for a safer approach to paint removal? Do you want to avoid high labour costs and reduce the time it takes to remove paint?

We hear you! Our latest development in paint removal is Peel Tec, a revolutionary paint remover that doesn’t use heat, harsh solvents or mechanical methods to get the job done. Since hitting the market, Peel Tec has changed the way people remove paint. Instead of putting themselves and their surfaces at risk, they can rely on the safe paint removal technique of Peel Tec. Don’t burn it, peel it!

Keep reading to find out more about Peel Tec and how it compares to traditional paint removers!


Reduced Labour Vs Lengthy Processes

Classic paint removal methods such as caustic strippers and solvents usually take a lot of time to actually work. Even after going through the entire application process, these methods leave some residual paint behind. This means it’ll need some more manual abrasion afterward, lengthening the time it takes to remove the paint only to find mediocre results at best. Peel Tec, on the other hand, is known to reduce labour considerably. It’s easy to use and gets to work in less than 10 minutes, peeling the paint away and getting the job done much quicker than traditional methods.


Safe Paint Removal Vs Harsh Chemicals

The problem with classic paint removers is the fact that they almost always contain and emit harmful chemicals and vapours. Peel Tec has neither and contains no trace of methyl chloride, which was a prominent ingredient in classic solvents. Methyl chloride is a massive health and safety risk because it can lead to unconsciousness, respiratory failure and in serious cases, death. The use of methylene chloride has been banned throughout Europe and as a result, modern solvents are struggling to find a safer formulation to remove paint. So, if you’re looking for a safe paint removal option, there’s no better choice than Peel Tec.


Clinical Efficiency Vs Lacklustre Results

Paint removal methods such as solvents, blasting, and thermal stripping all claim to remove paint and, in many cases, they do. However, what they usually leave out of the conversation is the fact that all of these paint removal techniques provide disappointing results. Heat removal methods almost always damage the base material, causing it to crack or peel off long after the paint is gone. Unsafe paint removal procedures leave distorted surfaces open to even more damage, especially if the surfaces are exposed to the tempers of mother nature. Corrosion to base materials is a common occurrence, especially when using blasting techniques for paint removal.

A safer and clinically efficient alternative is Peel Tec, which effectively removes the paint without leaving any damage behind. Its unique formulation means it won’t disrupt the base material and it even prepares it for re-coating. It’s incredibly versatile and works on almost all materials, so compatibility isn’t hard to find.

If you want to use a safe paint remover, use Peel Tec. But don’t take our word for it, check out our Testimonial page to find out what others think about this incredible product!


Where can I buy Peel Tec?

Crown Decorating Centres are now official stocksts of PeelTec! They also stock Multisolve and CT1.

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