Replace all Silicone Sealant with just CT1 Sealant

Using Silicone Sealants for various installations is a costly exercise as these sealants will invaluably cause problems down the line. Silicone Sealants have a high content of solvent in them which have to evaporate resulting in the sealant shrinking. These silicone sealants which there are many vary in the content of solvent depending on grade of sealant. However over time the results remains the same the sealant will shrink resulting in a problem, leaking! The way manufacturers and distributors of sealants have confused the users of sealants is questionable for e.g. a sealant for baths, a sealant for showers, a sealant for roofs, a silicone sealant for windows the list is endless. There appears to be a different silicone sealant for nearly every job you go to do. Well that’s not the case anymore reach for the one and only CT1 Sealant and Construction Adhesive. CT1 Sealant is a Unique Hybrid Polymer development from C-TEC that will replace all silicone sealants. CT1 Sealant will take permanently of every type of sealing job you would need to undertake. CT1 Sealant is very resilient to weather, vibration and shock. As a sealant it can be applied on wet surfaces ever underwater making it the ultimate pool, bath, shower, roof, window Sealant in one.

CT1 The Ultimate Replacement for Silicone Sealant


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