Repair a Leaky Industrial Solar Panel with Miracle Seal

Hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses in the UK have installed solar panels to help generate energy, save the environment, and save money. They’ve quickly become an integral part of industrial roofing installation, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills. However, fluid-containing solar panels, such as PV solar panels and those that use a transfer fluid such as antifreeze, can develop leaks.

Regular maintenance and repairs are needed to ensure the solar panels continue to perform at their best. Of course, even with regular maintenance, leaks can happen. Repairing a leaky industrial solar panel can be difficult considering most are installed on the roof. Leakages can either come from exterior elements or in the tubing that’s concealed beneath the solar panels. Either way, you can repair a leaking industrial solar panel with our incredible product, Miracle Seal.


Find the source of the leak

If you notice that your solar panels are leaking, you need to find out where the leak is coming from. If it’s from the roof and it’s not due to heavy rain, there could be a problem with the pressure relief valve on the solar heating system. Another cause of an industrial solar panel leak could be within the piping. Excessive pressure or freezing are two common causes of a leaky industrial solar panel. Valves and/or the circulating pump could be another cause of leaking fluid from one or more of the solar panels. Once you’ve identified the source of the leak, you’re ready to repair your leaking solar panels with help from Miracle Seal.


Repair leaky solar panels with Miracle Seal

Miracle Seal is a chemically advanced solution for repairing industrial solar panel leaks. It not only fixes the leak but does so without clogging up the system’s tubing or piping. Before Miracle Seal came onto the market, fixing solar panel leaks wasn’t so easy. The clogging problem with other conventional sealants meant that leaks were only fixed for a short time before the user had to address the clogging problem caused by the sealant.


Using Miracle Seal to repair a leaking industrial solar panel

To repair a leaky industrial solar panel with Miracle Seal is a simple procedure. All you have to do is shake the bottle for a minute or so and pour the sealant into the header or feeder tank. From there, the sealant will run through the system and cure any leaks it encounters. It really is as simple as that. Since you don’t have to worry about Miracle Seal clogging up the pipes or tubes, you can have peace of mind knowing that it’ll not only fix any leaks but do so without causing any additional problems. This revolutionary formula also means that Miracle Seal is not affected by anti-freeze and will continue to seal the leak. On top of this, it also contains lubrication and anti-corrosion additives, making it a must-have tool for anyone with solar panels.


Want to find out more about this incredible sealant? You can check out our product page to learn more about Miracle Seal.

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