Remove Chewing Gum

With so many Chewing Gum Removers on the market that are task specific, it was time for a product that would successfully Remove Chewing Gum but that would also be versatile in its use. Enter CT1 Multisolve!

CT1 Multisolve is a unique formulation of hydro carbon aliphatic solvents that is non-aggressive to the user or base materials. CT1 Multisolve is fantastic for de-activating the bond of Chewing Gum without damage to the surrounding material. Most other chewing gum removers will remove the gum but unfortunately, damages the surrounding material in the process. This is because most conventional solvents activate a burning method to remove chewing gum. Whilst this detached the molecules of the gum, the burning sensation inevitably damages the material with which the gum has stuck itself to. Thankfully, CT1 Multisolve does not use any burning or other dangerous methods to remove chewing gum, thus making CT1 Multisolve the Ultimate Chewing Gum Remover.

Not only will Multisolve do the job of Removing Chewing Gum, Multisolve is equally fantastic for removing silicone, tar, wax, adhesives, sticky labels and a multitude of tenacious deposits. So you don’t just have a Chewing Gum Remover but you will also benefit by having at your disposal:

Tar Remover

Wax Remover

Silicone Remover

Ink Remover

Sticky Label Remover

Bird Dropping Remover

Glue Remover

So it makes perfect sense not to buy a product just to Remover Chewing Gum when you can have a product to remove a whole host of deposits. Multisolve works best with CT1 sealant and adhesive. If you come across a job that requires a construction adhesive or strong sealant, it is advised to prepare the surface area by cleaning it first with Multisolve. Once clean, you can then apply CT1 sealant in an effortless application process.

Multisolve can remove chewing gum from all kinds of surfaces such as furniture (tables, chairs etc.), plastics, fabrics and carpets as well as many others. Having chewing gum stuck in awkward places such as corners or in small creases can be a bit of a nuisance. However, Multisolve is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do to apply it is to point and spray. This product works exceptionally well at cleaning mechanical parts such as motors, brakes and suspensions. Whilst having a product to remove chewing gum is useful, it is even better to own one that can be used in a range of sticky situations. For example, removing stickers and masking tape or cleaning tar or bumper strips. Multisolve can be used to successfully remove these and other adhesives without damaging the base material.

Removing chewing gum is made easy with CT1 Multisolve.


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