Preparing Base Materials for Silicone Removal and Re-Application

Removing old silicone is difficult because of the stubborn particles found in its composition. You will need a strong solvent to help pry the silicone from the base material. Most solvents are very aggressive and aromatic. This means that they embody a strong burning sensation which is used to detach old silicone. Whilst this process will remove the silicone, if sprayed onto the base material, the solvent will damage the surface area. It may remove the paint, scratch the surface or even discolour it. Since it so damaging to the base material, you can only imagine what kind of harm aromatic solvents can have on your skin.

What is the Solution?

We advise that you choose an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent instead. Multisolve is a fast acting multipurpose solvent degreaser. Instead of using a harmful burning sensation, it will practice a strong but safe detaching motion which pries the old silicone from the surface material. It’s as easy as removing blue-tac from a wall!

How to Use Multisolve

Multisolve comes in an easy-to-use 500ml or 200ml aerosol. This means that you simply take the aerosol and direct the nozzle towards the old silicone that you wish to remove. Then simply spray the product onto the desired area and leave it for a few minutes to work into the silicone. You will notice, almost immediately, that the silicone has become much softer as it detaches from the base material. Once it is ready, simply take an object (such as a scalpel) to help lift the silicone.

Re-Applying Silicone

Once the old silicone has been removed, you’re ready to re-apply with a fresh alternative. CT1 Sealant and Adhesive from C-Tec provides a strong, flexible and water-resistant joint. Both Multisolve and CT1 work profusely well together. Make sure to remove all traces of the old silicone before applying CT1 construction adhesive. Direct the nozzle and apply in the desired area. Once you have re-applied the sealant, spray Multisolve over it and smooth it down. This helps to create a clean and smooth joint finish.

What else can Multisolve Do?

Multisolve isn’t just used to remove old silicone and finish joints. It has been used for years as a preliminary treatment for adhesives and paints because it will not damage the painted surface beneath the material you wish to remove. In addition to removing silicone, Multisolve can also remove:

· Oil

· Grease

· Paraffin

· Wax

· Tar

· Chewing Gum

· Adhesives

· Sealants

· Printing Ink

Multisolve removes all of these materials and more, without leaving an irritating oil film behind itself. It is a safe degreaser and often used to clean tar and oil off cars and vehicles etc. A fast drying and economical product, when it comes to safe solvent application, there is no better option than C-Tec’s Multisolve. You can spray this product on rubber, plastics, glass, painted surfaces and vinyl without worrying about any damage being caused.


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