Peel Tec Removes Graffiti In 10 Minutes

Graffiti is a commonplace problem for many. While some graffiti may be viewed as works of art, others are nothing more than colourful vandalism.

One of the worst things about removing graffiti is how long it takes to remove it. The longer it has to settle, the more difficult (and expensive) it is to remove. Even if you do try to remove graffiti soon after its applied, you’ll need the right tools and products to help achieve a clean finish. Choose the wrong method to remove graffiti and you could be left with excess damage and inadequate results.

So, what is the best way to remove graffiti?

The answer is Peel Tec (from the creators of CT1, C-Tec).


Peel Tec – Professional graffiti removal

Peel Tec is designed to remove graffiti fast and with ease. It is the latest advancement in graffiti removal technology and has proved to be more effective than traditional methods. Peel Tec is a gel-based formula that delivers faster, cleaner, and better results. It removes graffiti without damaging the surface of the material underneath, the surrounding environment, or the user applying the product. Unlike many other techniques to remove graffiti, Peel Tec doesn’t contain any methyl chloride. Due to its unique formulation, you don’t have to worry about damaging the surface of the base material when you use Peel Tec to remove graffiti.

Peel Tec is a professional graffiti removal product. However, you don’t have to be a professional or even experienced to use Peel Tec. You can easily apply Peel Tec from a handy aerosol. The aerosol has a unique nozzle that makes it easier to control the amount of product applied to any given surface. It’s a point and spray product, making application simple and stress-free. A part of what makes Peel Tec a favourite in the industry is the fact that it is proven to reduce labour time considerably.

How is this possible? Don’t you have to scrub at graffiti for hours to remove it? Or direct a powerful high-pressure system to lift the spray paint from the surface? The short answer is no. Peel Tec acts fast and simply peels graffiti paint away in less than ten minutes!


Peel Tec – Fast graffiti removal!

There is no faster and more effective graffiti removal product than Peel Tec. As soon as you apply Peel Tec to graffiti paint, it gets to work. It doesn’t burn the paint off or use any harsh solvents to get the job done. Instead, it just peels the paint away so that it can be quickly removed. The best part is that Peel Tec removes graffiti in just ten minutes, which is an incredible achievement for a product that can remove even the most stubborn paint particles.

Peel Tec is incredibly versatile and will work on almost all materials with the same level of clinical efficiency. If you’re removing graffiti that has been left for a very long time (or even years), you may need to repeat the application process to make sure all of the old paint is lifted. Once complete, you’ll be left with a clean surface that’s ready for re-coating.

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