NEW CT1 Online Shop Now OPEN!

We’ve got some very exciting news to share! The C-Tec team is pleased to announce that our CT1 Online Shop is now open! That’s right, you can now shop for CT1 straight from your desktop, mobile device, or tablet. This launch has been in the works for a while and we’re really excited to bring this new online shop to all of you. We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping for the CT1 product collection online!

The same revolutionary sealant and adhesive that you’ve known are now available to be purchased on our Online Shop. It’s a very exciting time for us here at C-Tec and anyone who is interested in our products. This new Online Shop means that you can simply buy CT1 direct from the online store and have it delivered straight to your door. What can be better than that? If you want to learn more about CT1 and how to navigate the new Online Shop, keep reading!


What is CT1?

CT1 is the number one sealant and adhesive in the market, hands down. It delivers fast, safe, and reliable results that you can depend on for a lifetime. CT1 is made with revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology, which makes it 360% stronger than ANY other sealant, including hybrid polymers that tried to imitate CT1’s unique formula prior to the introduction of its new TRIBRID® Technology. CT1 successfully bonds virtually any material including glass, metal, concrete, MDF, polystyrene, tiles, mirrors, wood and many more. It can be used in a massive range of applications from bonding plastic to sealing gutters, showers, lead flashing, and so on.

CT1 is available in 10 different colours but it can also be painted, which means you can make it blend seamlessly into its surroundings. It is UV resistant and perfect for outdoor applications because it performs even in extreme temperatures and weather fluctuations. You can even use and apply CT1 in wet conditions and underwater, making it a waterproof sealant that you can depend on. It will not shrink or crack over time, so you never have to worry about your CT1 application losing its initial strength over time. With no solvents or isocyanates, CT1 is the safest sealant in the market.


How to buy CT1 direct from the Online Shop

If you’d like to browse our product range online, all you have to do is visit the Online Shop and start shopping! You’ll see the list of categories available to search when you click ‘CT1 Range’ in the dropdown menu. From there, you’re free to roam through the site, which is very easy to navigate.

You can shop for all variants of CT1, including each of its 10 colours including black, white, grey, brown, silver, blue and many more. You can add as many products to your basket as you’d like by changing the number of individual items you’d like to add to your cart. When you’re ready to checkout, simply complete the purchasing process and you’ll soon have your order shipped directly to your door. If you’re shopping for commercial or professional use, you can ship the products to your business address so that you can start using CT1 for jobs and applications right away!


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