Mirror Adhesive – The Strongest Mirror Adhesive Available.

A frequently asked question to representatives of C-Tec, especially at trade exhibitions is:- “Would CT1 be good for sticking up mirrors?” The answer of course is yes. CT1 is the best and strongest mirror adhesive available, Why so? It lies in the name, CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive.

CT1 is a revolutionary hybrid polymer formulated compound that works like no other product and will perform exceptionally well as a sealant but also as a formidable adhesive. Conventional mirror adhesives have so many disadvantages. Many products claim to function as a mirror adhesive and rightly so, but what they fail to inform the user is that due to the solvent or isocyanate content within these mirror adhesives over time will attack the back of the mirror coating. This is very common but not evident for about six months when black spots start to appear in the mirror – hardly an effective mirror adhesive!

There are some mirror adhesives, (but very few) that are far less aggressive but they lack flexibility when cured. This is a huge disadvantage as a mirror adhesive, especially in bathroom applications where a lot of steam and heat are continually in contact with the mirror. CT1 contains no solvents or isocyanates and therefore is guaranteed not to attack or damage the back of the mirror and CT1 will remain flexible after curing, resulting in the perfect mirror adhesive.

Conventional mirror adhesives lack initial grab so have to be supported when applied vertically, usually for about 24 hours. CT1 mirror adhesives initial grab is unbelievable; it will bond the mirror to the wall immediately without the need for support or any other additional fixings. CT1 does not serve as a mirror adhesive solely; it can be used for several other applications such as a bath/shower sealant and sealing around pipes, in fact numerous applications.

Before using CT1 mirror adhesive it is important that the surface that you are applying the mirror to is clean. A common mistake made when using the CT1 mirror adhesive is that tiles appear to be clean but there is often an invisible greasy, soapy film which will inhibit adhesion. We recommend before applying CT1 mirror adhesive that the surface where the mirror is to be affixed to is degreased with our CT1 Multisolve.

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