Methyl Chloride free Paint Stripper.

It is so important to ensure that the paint stripper you deploy is free of Methyl Chloride. This chemical has many worrying side effects that can result from inhalation and exposure. It irritates the eyes, respiratory tract, and through prolonged exposure to the skin can cause burning. Even more concerning is its harmful effects on the nervous system, causing CNS depression. Signs of this depression are nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, slurred speech, irritability, impaired walking motion. In extremes it has also been attributed to rapid loss of consciousness, coma , seizures and even death. Signs can take some time to develop but are generally visible within hours. If ingested it can also cause gastrointestinal irritation and retarded development in offspring. You do not want to be exposed to this chemical in any form so it is imperative to check  paint strippers to ensure they do not have Methyl Chloride in their formulation. You cannot afford to risk exposure to this volatile chemical which produces potentially toxic concentrations at room temperature. The danger of its colourless nature is its invisibility to potential victims. A Methyl Chloride free paint stripper resonates strongly with the consumer public who wish to protect themselves from any harmful chemicals that are part of a product’s formulation. A safe paint stripper can be used without the fear of contamination and any ensuing health issues. It can be applied normally and allowed to work on the target surface, dissolving the paint to an easily removable residue and producing a clinically clean base for the effective application of a new coat of paint.

A Methyl Chloride free paintstripper that is technically efficient.

A new revolutionary paint removal product has been developed by C Tec to give a renewed impetus and awareness to the need for safer paint removal products. It proves that a Methyl Chloride free solution is no less efficient than those containing the chemical in their formulation. Their technical ability is not compromised in any way through the absence of this dangerous chemical and Peel Tec is proof of this fact. Developed specifically for the Construction Industry this amazing solution combines all the positives of an efficient paint remover to create a magical effective product that ‘does what it says on the tin’. You simply spray it onto the material surface and within ten minutes you can effortlessly peel away the residue to reveal a perfectly clean prepared base for a new coat of paint. Peel Tec’s efficiency is feted by the paint sector and has quickly become the painter’s handy mate – always available as a major contributor to repaint jobs. As a Methyl Chloride free safe product that works effectively it is another success story for the C Tec family of sealants and adhesives designed for the Construction Industry.

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