Metal To Metal Adhesive

Metal to Metal adhesives available in the market are very dated in their technology and performance. As markets change and time moves on, demand increases for quicker and better alternatives. Bonding Metal to Metal is no easy task in the first place with varying levels of oxides, which react or create a barrier against the adhesives and pose as a challenge with conventional Metal to Metal adhesives. These types of adhesives are from the two-component family of adhesives (namely epoxies) that have to be mixed in exact proportions or they will fail. These Metal to Metal adhesives are very slow to cure, in some types, taking up to seven days. However, when cured normally, they only provide an adequate bond.

Metals such as mild steel are less difficult to bond but light alloys such as aluminium are very difficult and these Metal to Metal adhesives just cannot cope with the huge oxide content. Another disadvantage of these Metal to Metal adhesives is the lack of flexibility as there can be a variance due to fluctuating temperatures. These two component adhesives cure rock hard, which is little use as an adhesive for metal.

C-Tec, who developed and introduced into the market the revolutionary sealant CT1, has now developed the ultimate Adhesive for Metal. Power Grab ‘N’ Bond is a unique formulated hybrid Polymer and high strength adhesive for Metal. This incredible Power Grab ‘n’ Bond adhesive yields strength of 28 Kg per Cm2 but retains flexibility. This allows this adhesive for Metal to be able to cope with movement of the bonded metal parts. This incredible adhesive Power Grab ‘n’ Bond replaces the need for drilling and bolting and in many cases, drilling aluminium or brass.

As already outlined, Metal to Metal adhesives have real difficulties with these types of materials due to the high content of oxides, which prohibit competent bonding. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond does not have this difficulty and not only will this incredible adhesive bond Metal to Metal, it will also successfully bond Metal to brick, Metal to wood, Metal to plastic and numerous other materials. The Power Grab ‘n’ Bond structural adhesive is truly the future in fixing or replacement fixings.

C-Tec has been given so many actual applications where customers who purchased Power Grab ‘n’ Bond from our stockist used Power Grab ‘n’ Bond as an adhesive for metal. For example, the sign industry has often used this adhesive for bonding metal letters onto metal sheets. It has also been used in refrigerated containers for bonding metal strip lights to metal roofs. In the catering industry, Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is regularly used for bonding stainless steel to stainless steel ex. The applications are endless for this Metal to Metal adhesive.

This powerful adhesive is also very environmentally friendly with no solvent within its chemical make-up. In addition, this Metal to Metal adhesive is very user friendly with no pungent odour omitting from the adhesive.

So in conclusion, this incredible adhesive for Metal to Metal is as strong (if not stronger) as fasteners that works fast and is environmentally friendly.

Need to Bond Metal to Metal? Reach for Power Grab ‘n’ Bond!