Marble Bonding Adhesive

Adhesives for bonding marble have been limited in the past to just one form, that usually being an epoxy adhesive. The epoxy adhesive yields a strong bond, but unfortunately, it has many disadvantages associated with its application. This is especially true when it comes to working with marble.

For example, the epoxies cure rigid. This means that they lack flexibility which is a general requirement for such applications as the marble (especially at the joints) will move. The epoxies are very slow to cure and due to the high content of solvents contained in the adhesive, the work carried out often results in staining or bleeding though into the marble itself.

C-Tec building product specialists have developed the revolutionary Power Grab ‘n’ Bond. This product has taken the world by storm and was quickly names the ultimate marble bonding adhesive. After many years of research and development, the adhesive C-Tec have created is a unique hybrid polymer formula which is truly ground breaking. The strength and initial grab of this adhesive is a mind blowing 270n/cm² or a 20/cm², with the ability to hold over a half a ton. This adhesive for marble will even yield this performance in vertical applications.

Imagine a slab of marble 400mm x 400m square weighing 16kg and being able to apply a liquid adhesive onto the back of the slab and placing it directly unto a vertical surface obtaining an immediate bond with no sliding and without the need of supports? It sounds impossible and up until the creation of Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, it was. Now however, this incredible adhesive will bond marble without any complications. This unprecedented product not only bonds marble but will also successfully bond marble to marble, marble to stone, or metal to marble.

At the moment, many monumental masons are using Power Grab ‘n’ Bond for bonding marble monuments. By using this, they save themselves hours of tough labour. Kitchen installers are also having great results installing marble counter tops as they now have an adhesive to bond marble instead of drilling and fixing.

This marble bonding adhesive is extremely environmentally friendly as it contains no solvents or toxic components, making it completely odourless. This is a big advantage when using in closed spaces. Conventional methods of mounting marble signs were a long process of either applying a two component adhesive for marble and then supporting the sign for at least 48 hours, or drilling the marble sign and then fixing bolts. This is a difficult process and extremely time consuming. Now the time and effort has been severely reduced thanks to Power Grab ‘n’ Bond which can be used to mount the marble sign. This adhesive for marble is very resilient to weathering typically rain.

We at C-Tec tested this marble bonding adhesive in extreme conditions such as -10 °C for 1-month Power washing, heat up to 120 °C with no change it is absolutely without question the best marble bonding adhesive available!

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond it’s in the name!


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