Introducing BT1 – The New TRIBRID Technology for Bathrooms!

Are you tired of self-proclaimed bathroom sealants letting you down? Are you searching for a waterproof sealant and adhesive that has the power to resist bacterial growth?

After endless nights and what felt like an eternity of research and development, C-Tec has masterfully created the latest advancement in sealant technology for bathrooms – BT1. As the only scientifically developed TRIBRID® polymer in existence, BT1 leverages revolutionary bathroom sealant technology to bring you the worlds healthiest waterproof sealant option.

Fungal growth becomes a thing of the past thanks to BT1, which puts a stop to mould and bacterial growth in the bathroom. Whether you want to install shower trays, panels or seal around your newly fitted bathtub, BT1 is the ultimate product for a healthy bathroom installation.


BT1 Eliminates Bacteria in the Bathroom

For years, homeowners and public health institutions have struggled with mould and bacteria growth in the bathroom. The wet and damp conditions found in most bathrooms means that bacteria are more likely to grow on almost any surface. Dark mould spots often appear in corners of the room and around fixtures such as sinks, showers and baths. These problematic microbes can be very harmful, leading to the spread of colds, the flu and triggering other conditions such as allergies and asthma.

However, BT1 provides the perfect solution to help get rid of harmful bathroom bacteria and maintain a healthy home. Since bacteria thrive in bathrooms, it’s important to use an anti-fungal waterproof sealant and adhesive to help prevent and eliminate bacteria for good. Due to its unique formulation, BT1 performs as the ultimate bathroom sealant.

On top of this, BT1 is the only scientifically developed TRIBRID® polymer with an impenetrable resistance to mould and bacterial infestation. This means that when you use BT1 in your bathroom, you can create a healthier environment without worrying about microbes like E. coli, MRSA and Campylobacter threatening the health of you and those around you.

A deep clean can help reduce bacteria in the bathroom, but if you want an effective solution with long-lasting results, look no further than BT1 from C-Tec. With its TRIBRID® polymer technology, BT1 is incredibly flexible and can resist a host of micro-bacterial attacks.


BT1 Applications

BT1 has achieved an ETAG approval for bonding shower panels without mechanical fixings, cutting the application time and providing a quick and easy solution to your bathroom bonding needs. It has excellent adhesion to most substrates including glass, metals, woods, brickwork, ceramics, fibreglass, uPVC, concrete and many more.

BT1 has a great resistance to water, which means you can apply it even in wet conditions. You can apply this revolutionary bathroom sealant to most surfaces, and it will never attack the synthetic material.

BT1’s anti-mould properties and quick-drying ability make it ideal for creating flexible bonds without the chance of the seal breaking down over time. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be able to use BT1 in every aspect of bathroom sealing without worrying about bacteria, fungal or mould growth on the surface of the sealant.

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