I need to remove paint from a metal oil storage tank.

Removing paint from a metal oil storage tank is a challenging task so it is essential to find the most effective solution for that job. The paint removal product should be fast, efficient and safe so a clean surface is left for the effective application of a new coat of paint. In the instance of an oil tank containing flammable or combustible fuel, there is an overriding concern for safety when repainting it. The most important thing is to ensure that no naked flame or heat is used in the operation for fear of setting off a fire or causing a life endangering explosion. Straight away that consideration eliminates at least one traditional method of removing paint and that is the use of a blowtorch to melt the paint in preparation for scraping it off. An alternative method such as the deployment of Harsh Solvents would not be advisable either for fear of a chemical reaction that could be noxious. That really sets the cat amongst the pigeons in terms of other viable paint removal methods. Are there actually any choices on the market? Yes, thanks to C Tec,s latest revolutionary product we have an effective safe solution for removing unwanted paint. With its special chemical formulation, the result of an intensive research and development period, this paint remover can confidently tackle this particular task safely and efficiently with little labour intensive effort. This amazing product joins C Tec’s very successful Snag List Eliminator family, to add to an industry acclaimed array of efficient adhesive and sealant products that have earned the respect and loyalty of the Construction Industry across Europe.

A paint removal agent with optimal performance and product safe pedigree.

This revolutionary paint removal product is the one clear safe choice when removing paint from an oil tank. Once it is applied to the surface of the target material via a unique nozzle which delivers the right amount of spray gel, it gets to work immediately on removing the unwanted paint. When its work is done, within ten minutes of application, the resultant residue can be quickly scraped off leaving a clinically clean surface ready for a new coat of paint. It does not cause scratching or any other damage to the material and can be used safely on multiple surfaces. Peel Tec is underscored by the mantra “Don’t burn it. Peel it”. This defines exactly what is required when you need to remove paint from an oil storage tank. It prepares the tank surface quickly, safely and effectively for a repaint.

C TEC’s latest invention possesses properties that make it the perfect partner for the paint trade. It has earned an enviable reputation for efficiency that is growing its popularity across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Its formulation is Methyl Chloride free, vapourless and non toxic while its performance is optimal from a technical perspective as an effective paint removal agent. This latest addition to the C Tec family of successful adhesive and sealant products is causing quite a stir among distributors and traders and continues to gain traction in the Construction fraternity. It is described as a genuinely effective product by trade and distribution professionals. From a safety perspective this great product is Methyl Chloride free, a chemical substance that can cause health problems. That is a very attractive product property for both painters and third parties exposed to the solution. Overall this product provides a fast efficient and safe solution to paint removal from metal oil storage tanks.

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