How to Waterproof a Conservatory

Waterproof your conservatory in half the time with CT1, The Snag List Eliminator from C-Tec. Many people think about waterproofing their conservatory but never find the time (or the money) to get the job done. We understand our customers need for a water resistant and all-powerful sealant or adhesive that will seal and waterproof a conservatory in less time than regular sealants.

CT1 is a one-stop tool for the job. It seals hairline cracks and fixes leaks the first time, every time. This means you won’t have to return to the same leak further down the line. You may want to waterproof your conservatory floor to prevent cracks appearing in the concrete. In this case, WT1 is the best product for the job. It’s the ultimate replacement for bitumen based roof membranes. It’s excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, stone, metal, lead and polyester makes it ideal for waterproofing a conservatory. WT1 is 100% waterproof and does not shrink or crack. It’s ideal for waterproofing larger surface areas such as balconies, garages and conservatory.

WT1 and CT1 work together to waterproof a conservatory and protect against leaks and cracks. Leaking conservatories happen for a number of reasons including a roof that hasn’t been sealed properly. Using an inadequate sealant is one of the main causes of conservatory leaks. Silicone sealants aren’t suitable for sealing a leaking conservatory. This is because of the high amount of solvents found in the formula that evaporates when curing. When the solvents evaporate, the product shrinks and this leads to a broken seal. The silicone sealant can also become very brittle when it’s exposed to direct sunlight. This causes the seal to break apart and it loses its initial strength.

CT1 has none of the setbacks of a silicone sealant. It is U.V resistant, which means it can withstand sunlight and won’t crack or shrink when exposed to U.V rays. This powerful sealant bonds a variety of materials including concrete, metal, wood, tiles, glass and plastic. It creates a strong and flexible bond without damaging the base material. The seal will never shrink or crack, which is vital when sealing a leaking conservatory.

How to use CT1

Waterproofing your conservatory with CT1 is very simple. The thin nozzle applicator allows you to reach even the smallest hairline cracks to prevent leaks and repair existing leaks in a matter of minutes. Simply point and apply directly onto the problem area for fast-acting and long-lasting results. CT1 is ideal for conservatory use because it is 100% water resistant and suitable for use in any type of weather. It works in both wet and dry conditions. It also adheres and fixes leaks when submerged in water, which makes it perfect for repairing water leaks since you won’t have to wait for the area to dry before application.

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