How to Use Strong Solvents Safely

Using solvents at home or in the workplace requires certain precautions to avoid harm to both the user and the base material of the surface in use. Whilst not all solvents are harmful, the majority can cause skin irritations and even breathing problems.

C-Tec, the creators of The Snag List Eliminator and CT1 sealant and adhesive, aimed to develop a unique multipurpose solvent that would not pose as a threat to the user or the base material. We succeeded with Multisolve, our safe and fast acting solvent which can be used in a multitude of applications and purposes including removing chewing gum, adhesives, sealants, silicone, wax, oil, printing ink, tar and grease etc.

Most solvents available on the market are extremely hazardous, as you can see below:

Health Implications Caused by Harmful Solvents

Some harmful solvents can make you ill via skin contact. Strong solvents sometimes use a burning sensation to dissolve various substances in order to remove them. However, this can not only damage the base material, but the user’s skin may absorb some of the solvent upon contact. In fact, prolonged contact can even lead to dermatitis. Thankfully, Multisolve uses a safe detaching process to remove substances such as sealants and adhesives, making it the safest multi-purpose solvent available.

Breathing in vapours is best avoided, which is why C-Tec advises users to make sure the environment is well ventilated. Contact with eyes can lead to irritation and inflammation. Accidently ingesting solvents is also a serious risk. The main health implications caused by solvents includes eye irritation, skin irritation, nausea, dizziness, headache and fatigue.

Solvent Safety Precautions

You can control exposure to solvents by ensuring the area is well ventilated. Simply keep the doors and/or the windows opened to allow a continuous stream of fresh air into the home. This increases ventilation and will provide the user with a safer working environment. Once you have finished using a solvent, it is a good idea to dispose of rag and cloths that have become soaked in the substance. Since most solvents are flammable, it is advised to take certain fire risk precautions.

When using a harmful solvent, you must be physically prepared. This means wearing protective overalls and appropriate gloves etc.

What makes Multisovle Different?

Multisolve is a fast acting multipurpose solvent and degreaser. It is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, which means it is completely safe to use and will not damage the skin or the base material in use. The formula contains no recycled solvents and is easy and safe to use, especially on painted surfaces and glass etc. You can get the job done without worrying about the effects of the substance. Unlike most other solvents, Multisolve does not require a great deal of preparation before use. It can be used to remove grease, oil, tar, wax, adhesives, sealants and silicone.


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