How to Use Multisolve with CT1 Sealant and Adhesive

Multisolve and CT1 have been named the Powerful Duo by many professionals in the construction industry. It is rare to have one without the other, which is why so many people often purchase the two together as a kind of package deal. But before we get into how these two products can be used together, let’s take a look at each one and its components as separate products first.


CT1 is the world’s most powerful construction adhesive and sealant. It has been named “The Snag List Eliminator”, earning such a title due to its remarkable properties and abilities. CT1 can be used to bond numerous materials such as wood, concrete, glass, mirror, tiles, ceramic, plastic and metal. It is a flexible sealant, perfect for applications which will experience a great deal of movement or vibrations. This unique adhesive can be used in both dry and wet conditions, but what sets it apart from its competition is the fact that it can be used under water. This means that you can apply CT1 to stop boating leaks, gutter leaks or to repair showers and baths etc. It is a truly remarkable sealant, filler and adhesive and has become every handyman’s go-to product.


Multisolve is from the same creators of CT1 – C-Tec. This is a multi-purpose solvent and degreaser. It is perfect for removing materials such as sealants, adhesives, chewing gum, tar, glues and others such as grease, wax and oil etc. It is available in a 200ml and 500ml aerosol, making it incredibly handy for household uses. Multisolve is perfect as preliminary treatment for both adhesives and paints because it will not remove or damage any of your paintwork. It leaves no oil film in its path, acting as a powerful but safe degreaser and multi-purpose solvent. Another great aspect to this solvent is the fact that it is completely safe to use. Most solvents cause some degree of skin irritation when contact occurs, but Multisolve is gentle and will not irritate the skin.

Using CT1 and Multisolve Together

Since CT1 and Multisolve are both developed by C-Tec, you can exceptional results from both. Multisolve is often used as preliminary treatment for adhesives, which means you can use it to clean the surface area of the material before applying your adhesive. After using CT1 construction sealant and adhesive, you can then apply a coat of Multisolve to finish the joints to provide a seamless finish. C-Tec recommends Multisolve to be used with all of their sealants and adhesives, in order to obtain the best results possible. You can also use Multisolve to degrease and clean surfaces before applying C-Tec sealants and adhesives. In addition to this, you can remove old silicone using this solvent. CT1 is then perfect for re-sealing this area, followed by Multisolve application to provide a smooth joint.


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