How to strip paint from a radiator

Whether you’ve been redecorating your home during lockdown and noticed your radiators could do with some TLC, or you’ve taken on an ambitious project to restore an old radiator, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Heat can cause paint discolouration on any radiator – no matter how new it is. But older metal radiators are more likely to lose their original charm through prolonged exposure. If you’re hoping to restore a radiator effectively, you should first remove the evidence of any previous paint jobs.

Stripping paint from a radiator can sound like a tricky job. Depending on the shape and style of radiator, there can be many difficult corners and tight spots that make it challenging to get all of the paint off. Scraping methods, such as using a razor blade, aren’t always suitable for this type of paint removal. However, applying a liquid paint stripper using an aerosol spray can remove all paint traces.

Peel Tec is a revolutionary product that makes it quick and easy to strip paint from any style of radiator. It comes in a handy aerosol can with a unique nozzle that allows for specific application. All you need to do is spray Peel Tec onto the surface, wait around ten minutes, and then use a scraper to clean the residue away. But, before you start this indoor DIY project, you may have some questions about if it’s safe to use in your home.

 Is it safe to use Peel Tec in my home?

It’s important to ensure that the paint stripper you use in your home is free of Methyl Chloride. This chemical is toxic and can cause dangerous side effects, including irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, skin burns, and can have a troubling impact on your nervous system. Paint strippers that include Methyl Chloride are simply not suitable for use within the home.

Peel Tec has been uniquely formulated without this toxic chemical. It can be used safely without any fears of contamination or ensuing health issues. Not only is it safe, Peel Tec is proven to be just as powerful as alternative paint strippers on the market.

Using Peel Tec to prepare a radiator for repainting

Peel Tec’s easy application makes it straightforward to prepare a range of materials for repainting, including metal, marble, wood, hard plastic, cement, stone, asphalt, and more. It’s incredibly versatile and doesn’t discolour or harm the base material however, it’s advised that before use, you test the compatibility of the surface.

When you’re ready to strip the paint, apply the Peel Tec generously and leave it to take effect. In less than ten minutes, the paint should visibly start lifting away from the metal. Next, take a tool such as a scraper, or something smaller for those difficult spots, to help clean the paint from the radiator. For old, stubborn paint or multiple layers, you may need to repeat this process.

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