How to strip paint from a metal guttering downpipe.

The major concern with a repainting job in this particular instance is how to strip paint safely and efficiently from a metal guttering downpipe. The first consideration is to find a solution that is compatible with the metal material and will remove the paint without causing surface damage. In essence you need a product that covers all bases in getting the job done effectively. Looking around at all available options there is the burning issue that all traditional methods are both unsafe and inefficient. A solution is required that is easily applicable, will dissolve the paint into an easily removable residue and will provide a paint ready surface receptive to a new coat of paint. A metal guttering downpipe is an essential tool in directing rain water from the roof to a storm drain. To keep this piece of equipment in good working order it is imperative to maintain it, ensuring it is well protected against the elements. The best protection is a good coat of paint which requires renewal on a regular basis to sustain the downpipe’s integrity and prolong its longevity. The main issue with a repaint job is how to remove the old worn paint safely and effectively. If this is not done properly you risk compromising the efficacy of a new paint application. Paint applied to a damaged, dirty or wet metal surface can bubble, hold water and cause metal corrosion which over time will eat through the downpipe. Prevention is always better than cure and is much more cost effective than having to replace the downpipe. The challenge is finding an alternative working solution to the inefficient, unsafe traditional methods of : Heat treatment, Mechanical Sanding and Solvents.

A revolutionary safe and effective method of paint removal is now available.

There is no more need for those tedious, slow, unsafe and inefficient traditional methods of paint removal with the timely arrival of a new revolutionary product that will do the job more quickly, efficiently and safely. C Tec have researched and developed a new formulation that fulfills all the criteria as a perfect paint removal product. It is widely acclaimed by the Construction Industry and the Painting sector as the best paint removal product to come on the market. To coin a cliche, “it does what it says on the tin”.  Peel Tec, the latest invention, joins the Snag List Eliminator family of sealants and adhesives designed specifically for the Construction Industry by C Tec. It has a wide distribution network throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe and has established itself as the painter’s handy mate ‘de rigueur’. On a performance level it is easily applicable as a spray gel  from an aerosol type container. Its special design enables it to deliver product via a unique nozzle dispensing the right amount of product to the right place. The solution starts to eat through the paint immediately leaving a residue that can be peeled away effortlessly with a scraper, within ten minutes of application. Its effective action leaves a clinically clean surface that is fully receptive to a fresh, smooth, regenerative coat of paint. The metal guttering downpipe can be restored to its original painted and protected state.

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