How to strip and remove varnish from old wooden furniture

If you have old wooden furniture such as a table, chairs or even antiques that have been passed down generations, it’s important that you take care when stripping old varnish from their surface. Your furniture may hold sentimental value to you and your family, which makes it even more important that you handle it with care. One wrong move and you could be left with irreversible damage to your wooden furniture. If you were to choose a classic method of stripping varnish, it could create serious damage to your old furniture, which may be in a fragile state due to its age.

Some tired methods of removing varnish from old wooden furniture include burning off the varnish with a blowtorch. If that sounds extreme and a little much for sensitive surfaces like old furniture, we completely agree. If you value your old furniture and want to preserve its condition as best you can, you should avoid turning to potentially damaging varnish removal methods such as this.

So, how can you strip and remove varnish from old wooden furniture without leaving defects?


Introducing Peel Tec: The ultimate safe varnish remover

If you want to strip varnish from old wooden furniture and keep the integrity of its surface intact, you need a product that can remove varnish effectively and safely. Peel Tec is a varnish removing product designed and developed by C-Tec, the creators of the number one sealant and adhesive, CT1. Peel Tec is the best way to strip varnish from old furniture because it does exactly what it claims – it removes varnish safely and efficiently.

Although varnish is applied to wood finishes to help protect the surface from scuff marks, stains and scratches, over time varnish can become a poorly sight and you might want to re-expose the wood for a variety of reasons. Some of these include restoration, repair or a simple refinishing with a new layer of high-quality varnish. To safely remove the old varnish though, you need to use a powerful but safe product like Peel Tec.

Peel Tec is a revolutionary varnish removing solution that’s easy to apply. It comes in a handy aerosol, which makes it easier to control how much product you apply to your old wooden furniture. It is completely Methyl Chloride free, which makes it safer to use when it comes to the gentle but effective removal of varnish. Thanks to Peel Tec’s unique formulation, it will not damage the base material of your old furniture, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll not only be able to remove the varnish, but you can do so without compromising the integrity and condition of your old furniture.


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