How to Stop Mould Stains Tarnishing Your Bathroom’s Reputation

If you run a B&B or own an Airbnb, it’s important to show your guests that your facilities are clean. However, dark spots or stains in your bathrooms can give the impression that your cleanliness isn’t up to a 5-star standard.

More so than ever, your guests want reassurance that they’re using the safest and cleanest possible facilities – especially in bacteria-prone areas such as the bathroom. These rooms face harsh scrutiny by guests, and, in the age of online reviews and photo evidence, those stains could be the difference between someone choosing to stay with you or your competitors.

In nearly all cases, these suspicious dark spots on your silicone sealant are caused by mould. This is a very common problem with cheap silicone sealants. They don’t form an effective barrier and let water in, allowing bacteria to thrive on your bathroom surfaces. Over time, black marks can appear. These may seem insignificant at first but can become a big problem.

Mould of any kind is incredibly bad for your health. Those with asthma and/or allergies can suffer from asthma attacks or irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs. As so many of us are now concerned with our respiratory health, mould is the last thing you want your accommodation to have.

There are products out there that claim to remove mould stains from old sealant. However, aggressive cleaning methods may damage the sealant’s effectiveness and lead to more trouble later down the line. Impaired sealant can cause leaks and be a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. This can be counterproductive in your fight against mould.

The best course of action to take against mould stains is to replace your existing sealant with one that prevents mould growth. BT1 is the industry leader for sanitary sealants with the unique ability to actively repel bacteria from growing on its surface. In fact, bacteria and microbes cannot survive on BT1’s surface, drastically reducing mould growth compared to competitor sealants.

BT1 is also an incredibly long-lasting solution. Its bacterial and mould prevention properties are scientifically proven to last (with up to 99.99% effectiveness). Mould spots will be a thing of the past when you use BT1 – and so will replacing your sealant! Unlike cheap silicone sealants, BT1 uses C-Tec’s unique TRIBRID® Technology which makes it stronger, more flexible, and more resilient. So, you’ll only need to replace your existing sealant with BT1 once.

What’s more, you don’t need to be a professional to achieve a great finish with BT1. BT1 is easy to use for any DIY application, so anyone can quickly and easily update their bathrooms and facilities. Plus, BT1 has fantastic colour retention, meaning your lovely white finish will stay white. However, you can paint over BT1 if you choose to give your bathrooms a new look.


If you’re ready to upgrade your bathrooms and give your guests the gold standard they deserve, get your BT1 now. Available to purchase online and in-store at our retail partner, Jewsons.

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