How to stop a leak in your vehicle engine cooling system

Warning lights in your dashboard indicating a leak of water from your vehicle engine cooling system immediately rings alarm bells. If your engine temperature is reading above normal then it is imperative to take evasive action by stopping your vehicle immediately and seeking a way to seal the leak. You ideally need a solution that will not only cure the leak in an emergency but will continue to provide an effective seal long after application. Since an engine and its cooling system is a complex machine with different working parts made up of diverse materials it is imperative to deploy a sealant that is protective of the complete system, is non corrosive, has lubricating additives and more importantly can effectively and efficiently seal the water leak. There are a number of proprietary products that claim that capability but you need to check if they rigorously adhere to those characteristics that make them safe to use in the cooling system environment. Do the research to ascertain if they work well with all materials and have inherent neutral components that do not damage the system mechanically. That is quite a tall order and very often leaves people in a quandary as to what sealant product actually works best to stop a leak in your engine cooling system. Tried and tested is the best guideline to choosing the right product for the job so look for the solution that matches the criteria and has a proven track record.

A revolutionary solution for stopping cooling system leaks.

There is an efficient new product on the market that will not only instantly stop a leak in your vehicle engine cooling system but will continue to form a strong seal going forward. Miracle Seal is the brainchild of C Tec, designed and manufactured to cover all criteria for the perfect water leak cure anywhere in the cooling system. This versatile product has a specially unique formulation that protects the system completely while curing the leak permanently. It seals leaks in radiators,hose pipes and water pumps with no damage to the cooling system and is compatible with all types of antifreeze. Its new formula also contains anti corrosive additives and lubrication components that ensure the moving mechanical parts and seals are not compromised in any way. Miracle by name and miraculous by nature this revolutionary sealant product does the job without clogging the system. Miracle Seal can also seal hairline cracks in engine blocks and works effectively under high pressure. It is organic and non adhesive which makes it a versatile solution to all water leaks in all systems. To administer the solution you simply shake the container for one minute and then pour it into your car radiator allowing time for it to penetrate the system and go to work on sealing the leak. Miracle Seal is undoubtedly the ideal solution for all cooling system leaks, saving expense on needless repairs. It not only seals the current leak but will prevent any future potential leaks in your cooling system by providing a protective sealing coat on every part of the cooling/heating system.

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