How to stop a leak in a water cooled generator

Water cooled generators are generally very durable and reliable. Practically all generators over 22kw are water cooled and they are a very convenient mode of standby power in the event of electric power cuts to your home. There is always the potential for hoses in the system to doze or pipes to crack in extreme weather and temperature conditions presenting an immediate problem. The last thing you want in a power cut situation is your standby generator to become redundant due to a burst water hose. People will tell you that there is no way of preempting such a disastrous development that could leave you totally without power in your home. That effectively means no lights, possibly no cooking facilities, no television, home heating or internet. For the young, elderly and infirm that could in fact present a life threatening situation in freezing temperatures. The water cooling cycle of a generator needs to be fully operational for your back up power to work so if the system is interrupted by a leaking pipe or hose the result could be catastrophic without an instant solution. An emergency repair solution would be a great asset in giving you breathing space to have the leaking hose or pipe replaced – better still if it worked as a permanent solution without compromising or damaging any of the generator’s working parts. The perennial issue has been the absence of an efficient and safe sealant product to seal the leaking hose instantly. That situation has thankfully been turned around with the arrival on the market of a revolutionary versatile sealant that seals effectively, safely and permanently.

An amazing safe and efficient sealant is now available.

A new and amazingly effective sealant has been developed by CT1 to join their successful family of adhesives and sealants designed with the Construction Industry in mind. Miracle Seal possesses incredible qualities, providing instant seal for water leaks. It is proving to be the greatest cure for leaks in both open and closed heating systems, sealing them permanently without blocking the system. It is ideal for sealing leaks in both rubber hoses and metal pipes and is compatible with all anti freezes. It can be a money saver where it repairs efficiently to save replacing any part of a cooling system. Miracle Seal has a unique formulation with anti corrosive components in its make up and is the best corrosion inhibitor available for heating and cooling systems. It is ideal for use in a generator as it is organic and non adhesive so will not clog the mechanical parts in the system. As a product that continually resists high pressure it is designed to last and working to prevent potential future leaks. Whether the leak cause is down to poor quality hoses or pipes, chemical reactions, or mechanical weaknesses, Miracle Seal will seal it providing continuity in the operation of your stand by generator. With little downtime in energy provision your family will scarcely notice the generator problem which is solved almost as quickly as it occurred. To stop the leak you simply pour the bottle of Miracle Seal into the generator cooling system and allow it to do its job effectively in sealing the system leak.

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