How to stop a leak in a Motorhome engine’s water pump

If you subscribe to Murphy’s law then you believe that whatever can go wrong will go wrong and in addition – usually at the worst time. This popular and pessimistic adage warns of serious consequences if we do not take necessary precautions to mitigate or avert potential disasters. If, as the owner of a motorhome, you experience an engine water leak in a remote location far from any help – you can imagine the stress you would feel knowing that your schedules and arrangements will be seriously impacted. Not only that, but the anxiety of potential costs in having the Motorhome removed to a workshop or garage for repairs might cause distress. If you are marooned for a few days you will have the added expense of overnight accommodation on top of the mechanical repair bill. We have to ask ourselves – is there any way of mitigating such a disaster? The answer is yes. You can circumvent Murphy’s law in this instance by carrying on board a liquid sealant that will instantly cure any minor leaks in your van’s cooling system, from whatever source. That acquisition is metaphorically the golden grail, but the challenge is – can you find such a solution? A workable and reliable sealant has to be instantly effective sealing the leak from whatever source it comes. It should work efficiently without clogging the system or damaging any of the mechanical parts and should be compatible with whatever inhibitor is present in the cooling system. Historically it would have been nigh impossible to find a sealant that ticks all the requisite boxes for efficiency and safety but providentially a new revolutionary sealant has been developed, in recent times, that is both efficient and safe and is the perfect solution.

An amazing new sealant fulfils the efficiency and safety criteria

The good news comes in the form of Miracle Seal, a revolutionary product developed by C Tec, which seals all leaks in cooling systems instantly and effectively and continually resists high pressure. In addition, the seal becomes permanent, preempting any need to have to revisit the leak problem. This miraculous sealant is the go to leak solution in the event of any water leaks in your engine cooling system. To effect a cure you simply shake the bottle of granular high viscous liquid for sixty seconds and pour it into the radiator after you have flushed out the old coolant, opened the heater valve and run the engine until warm. You can top up the cooling fluid after the engine has run for at least five minutes and is allowed to cool down. Consider the wonderful emergency solution this represents should your motorhome’s engine water pump  develop a leak in a remote area with no immediate service facilities or help at hand. It actually provides a long lasting repair that would give you the time and space to have your water pump overhauled. Miracle Seal is a water based suspension that seals without blocking the system, thanks to the product’s unique formulation. It possesses other fine qualities such as an ability to protect pipes and pumps from corrosion and a capacity to lubricate all working mechanical parts. In addition, it can even seal hairline cracks in motor blocks and water coils. In the instance of the Motor Home, where the owner is unable to drain the system, it is still more cost effective to hire a mechanic to carry out the leak repair with an application of Miracle Seal, than having to go through lengthy expensive repairs at a garage. In the unfortunate event of a water pump leak, this solution will seal it permanently saving pump removal, installation and seals replacement. The trick is to ensure you always carry a bottle on board to tackle any unforeseen cooling system leaks and provide an instant seal.

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