How to Stick Wood Together

How to Stick Wood Together is not a difficult question for C-Tec. The Answer is Superfast Plus, which is perfect when needing to Stick Wood Together. The conventional methods such as using P.V.A. adhesives is time consuming and almost perfect conditions are required to achieve a lasting bond.
Superfast Plus is a unique high concentrate cyanacrylate (commonly known as superglue) with no dilution of solvents. Therefore, this is the perfect product to use when Sticking Wood To Wood. Unlike conventional superglues Superfast Plus will STICK ALL WOODS and in many applications create such a formidable bond that a fusion of the two woods develop.
When using Superfast Plus to Stick Wood to Wood a thin layer of Superfast Plus is all that is needed, a “less is more” approach is the criteria needed to achieve a perfect result. Because woods are porous it is necessary to seal the surface and this can be done with the help of Superfast Activator. Spray the Activator on both surfaces, leave for approximately 30 seconds and then apply Superfast Plus.
In some woods there is a higher natural content of oil and wax that seeps to the surface which should be removed by sanding the surface before application of Superfast Plus.
For larger areas of wood to be bonded, (even up to several meters) we recommend our unique CT1 Construction Adhesive.

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