How to Stick Wood together (Large)

When the situation arises of having to Stick Wood Together we at C-Tec have two options. When Sticking Wood to Wood for small areas or tight joints with very little surface area Superfast Plus is the ultimate product. In depth, description and visuals can be viewed at the Superfast Plus article page.
However, when much larger areas of Sticking Wood to Wood is required CT1, The Snag List Eliminator is the only solution. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer and the ultimate construction adhesive to permanently Stick large areas of Wood Together.
CT1 contains no solvents, therefore will not stain the wood. CT1 remains flexible so will expand and contract with the wooden bonded parts. Because of CT1’s unique formulation will create a formidable bond which will equal the bond of conventional fixings. CT1 will Stick Wood to Wood even when the surface is wet.

Not only will CT1 Stick Wood to Wood but will also Stick Wood to Brick, Wood to Concrete and numerous other materials. In some woods there is a higher natural content of oil and wax that seeps to the surface which should be removed by sanding the surface before applying CT1. © Copyright.


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