How to Stick Wood to Concrete

How to Stick Wood to Concrete is continually asked through forums, trade and D.I.Y. enthusiasts. Products available to bond these materials are dated in their technology. OCM’s (One Component Mastics) need a perfectly dry surface to work effectively and even if a bond is achieved, it will not be permanent. This is due to the OCM lacking flexibility, coupled with the difficulty of trying to achieve a bond between two different materials with different masses and make up.

When you have to Stick Wood to Concrete there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration, such as the huge difference of expansion between the Wood and Concrete, whether adhering these materials is internal or external and defining whether or not it will be exposed to the elements which will deactivate any type of bond.

CT1 The Snag List Eliminator is the answer to the question of How to Stick these materials. CT1 is the ultimate construction adhesive and sealant with a phenomenal bond to almost all materials, but in particular for these.

CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer with no solvents in its makeup. It will remain incredibly flexible, making it the perfect choice for Sticking Wood to Concrete. CT1 can be applied on wet surfaces and even underwater. When cured, it will resist extreme conditions and temperatures from -40°/+120°c.

This is no longer a problem with the help of CT1 Unique Sealant and Construction Adhesive.

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