How to stick stainless steel surrounds on a lift control panel.

Lift stainless steel control panels provide an aesthetically pleasing surround that compliments the actual lift panel itself and acts as a cosmetic finish to create a uniform symmetry that blends seamlessly into the lift wall. Securing them in place is a task traditionally performed by a drill and screws process to attach the surround to the metal superstructure. Screws are rather unsightly and detract from the overall attractive appearance of the control panel unit but until recently were the only secure means of attachment. Fitting the surrounds is also a time consuming and labour intensive task – you have to drill holes in metal supports and screw the surrounds to them, keeping them level and symmetrical to compliment the visually attractive design of the control panel. The recent transformation in sticking the surround in place rather than screwing it is due to the development of a revolutionary adhesive/sealant whose unique formulation endows it with incredible strength, flexibility and longevity. Additionally it is 100% eco compliant with an ECI and ECIA+ certificate and also possesses a food safe certification. This has proven to be the best of kind product in essential adhesive qualities that actually does what it says on the tin. With an effectively strong bonding property this amazing adhesive solution is the ideal product for sticking stainless steel surrounds on lift panels.

The solution to all bonding applications has arrived.

The amazing adhesive/sealant that is proving to be the ‘go to’ bonding solution for ever increasing numbers of Construction workers and other industrial operatives is CT1. It is compatible with practically all materials and was designed specifically with the Construction Industry in mind. It is the best adhesive product on the market for sticking lift control panel surrounds in place with practical strength and long lasting effect. The eponymous Company who developed CT1,  have an inventory of very successful adhesives and sealants which have set such high performance standards that they have grown exponentially in popularity as products of choice for immense numbers of trades people in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway.  This incredible solvent free adhesive, which the inventors christened ‘The Snag List Eliminator’, has effectively become the Company product flagship, possessing a host of properties that make the product the efficient, safe and long lasting bonding solution that it is. It has a high tensile strength with an excellent grab factor that is not compromised by its surprising flexibility which allows for material movement with no loss of bonding integrity. The wow factor of this very versatile adhesive is its underwater application which bonds and seals to maintain a watertight solution that can withstand high pressure and continue to be effective. It has excellent resistance to vibration and is resistant to chemicals and UV, working in both wet and dry conditions. It is compatible with stainless steel and is designed to create a bond that is stronger than the material itself. CT1 is ideal for sticking stainless steel surrounds on a lift control panel.

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