How to Stick PVC

How to Stick PVC, up until recently this was an almost impossible question to answer. Why so? Largely due to its composition and content of solvent which makes PVC more difficult to bond.

The use of this material has considerably increased over the last decade; you only have to look at the amount of building plastics supplies that have evolved. In so many of these installations, it is far more cosmetically pleasing to stick the PVC rather than affixing with screws.

Conventional adhesives just don’t perform well at all when sticking. For example, epoxies are not flexible and don’t stick to the PVC. Also, the hardeners in epoxies actually burn the PVC as opposed to sticking it. Silicone adhesives have the same problem. The only adhesive type that will perform better is the cyanoacrylate or superglue type, but even these are a hit and miss option as the majority are diluted with solvents which react with this material resulting in a poor bond.

The question of “How” is now easier to answer. Use CT1. It will stick perfectly. Why? The reason being is that it is a completely new unique adhesive that is a hybrid polymer. This sealant will therefore act and out perform any conventional adhesive.
Not only will this product stick PVC but it will glue numerous building products, for example: wood, stone, lead, glass, rubber, roofing felt and brick, the list is endless! It will also stick these materials in any combination:-

PVC to Metal
PVC to Wood
PVC to Stone

The possibilities of CT1 adhesive are hard to imagine but so many people have solved so many problems by using it. It will remain flexible and is able to withstand heavy movement and vibration.

CT1 contains no solvents so it is safe for the user but also will not burn or etch the surface. In many external applications, the surfaces would always have to be dry. This does not apply to our product as CT1 will even stick PVC and any other material in wet conditions and even works underwater.

CT1 comes packed in a standard 290ml cartridge and for very small applications where you only need a few drops our CT1 superfast adhesive is the answer.


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