How to Stick PVC Trim To PVC

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most commonly produced synthetic plastic polymers in the world. You’ll find it’s often used in electronics, transportation, construction, and even in the healthcare industry. This is mainly due to its extreme versatility, high density, and incredible tensile strength. Not to mention, PVC is very low cost and recyclable, making it a favourite choice for construction and industrial applications.

Sticking PVC trim to PVC doesn’t have to be difficult. By using the right construction adhesive, you can save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money. PVC trim comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and widths. Some of the most common types of PVC trim that you’re probably familiar with include skirt board, quarter round, coves, and so on. If you want to bond PVC trim to PVC without needing any type of hidden fasteners, CT1 is the answer.


A powerful PVC sealant

Very few sealants and adhesives have the power to bond PVC trim to PVC. However, CT1 effectively sticks PVC trim to PVC, making it the most dependable PVC adhesive in the market. This comes as welcomed news to anyone who struggled to find an adhesive that can stick PVC trim to PVC without needing additional fixings.

When it comes to sticking PVC trim to PVC, you need a powerful PVC adhesive and sealant such as CT1. CT1 is a revolutionary construction adhesive that not only bonds PVC to PVC but also bonds with wood, concrete, plastic, glass, tiles, most stones, and most synthetic materials. CT1 makes sticking PVC trim to PVC a piece of cake.

Before CT1 came on the market, bonding PVC to anything was a very difficult and time-consuming task. This is because PVC resins are formulated with heavy compounds and additives including fillers and plasticizers, all of which make it increasingly difficult to bond PVC successfully.

Thankfully, you no longer have this problem with CT1. Paired with its new TRIBRID® Technology, CT1 is now 360$ stronger than traditional hybrid polymers. It has excellent colour retention and guarantees a long-lasting finish. CT1 is the world’s first tribrid polymer, making it highly effective when it comes to bonding difficult materials such as PVC trim to PVC.

Known as the best construction sealant on the market, CT1 brings its A-game with every application. Whether you’re bonding PVC outside, inside, or even underwater, CT1 is the ultimate PVC construction sealant. PVC trim is waterproof and often used for showers. This means you need to use a water-resistant adhesive like CT1 that can be used for instant repair work and bonding. This includes everything from shower trays to shower panels. CT1 is also perfect for sealing around showers and baths. It contains no isocyanates and is extremely flexible with excellent resistance to vibration.

If you are using CT1 to bond PVC trim to PVC, you’ll be glad to know that CT1’s new TRIBRID® Technology means that mould and bacteria cannot grow on its surface. This is welcomed news for anyone who needs to stick PVC trim to PVC in moist and damp conditions such as inside bathrooms.


Where can I buy CT1?

You can now buy CT1 from all Wickes Stores across the UK! A full list of their stores are available by clicking here.

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