How to stick PVC trim around a PVC patio sliding door.

There can be issues with the fit out of sliding doors if they are not the exact size for the opening in the wall. It is not an insurmountable problem but any space left to either side of the door will have to be sealed with trim to cover the space from both a practical and cosmetic perspective. The door manufacturer and installation operatives can provide the appropriate trim size to fit the space so it looks in keeping with the door itself and also provides a water barrier against rain penetration. Traditionally silicones were used to stick and seal the trim and fulfilled their purpose but unfortunately only on a temporary basis. With constant exposure to temperature fluctuations and prevailing weather conditions the silicone shrinks and degrades losing both its bonding and sealing quality. At some point it will have to be replaced at a cost, a process which is time consuming and disruptive. The question arising from this situation is – are there alternative solutions for bonding the trim effectively in place on a permanent basis?

The answer is yes! There are now a number of adhesives that claim the capability of doing the job efficiently but it is essential to find the product that ticks all the necessary performance boxes. Thankfully a new revolutionary adhesive/sealant has been developed that is the perfect solution for sticking and sealing trim around a PVC patio door. It is extremely strong, long lasting is solvent free and does not shrink – it also comes in a range of colours to match the PVC material.

A strong effective adhesive/sealant has been developed.

A talented and dynamic Company by the name of CT1 has researched and developed an adhesive/sealant of industrial strength and superb efficiency to suit practically all bonding applications. CT1, the eponymous bonding sealing solution from the home of a range of illustrious adhesive and sealant products, designed with the Construction Industry in mind, is proving to do exactly what it says on the tin. This revolutionary product has been aptly labelled the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ by the Company and is endorsed by an ever growing number of operatives across a range of industries and businesses in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Its practical efficiency is testified by those who have used it effectively and for whom CT1 has become the de facto ‘go to’ bonding product for practically all bonding applications. It is the perfect solution for sticking and sealing PVC trim around a PVC patio door thanks to its high tensile strength, flexibility and water penetration prevention qualities. It will adhere to blockwork, brick, wood or metal so whatever material butts up to the patio door will be compatible with CT1. Its unique formulation as a solvent free sealant/adhesive ticks all the boxes for a safe effective and permanent bonding and sealing solution. Its compatibility with practically all materials makes it the most versatile product of its kind on the market. It dries out quickly to a very strong bond that is actually stronger than the material itself and yet retains a flexibility that allows material movement without cracking or shrinking. It is also resistant to temperature extremes and all weather conditions, capable of retaining its strength and efficiency to provide a permanent bond and seal. It is easily applicable from a convenient container via an applicator nozzle that delivers the right amount of product to the exact spot and does not tarnish or damage the material surface, moreover, it is recognised as food safe and environmentally compliant – a truly revolutionary adhesive/sealant.

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