How to Stick PVC to PVC

How to stick PVC to Poly Vinyl Chloride;

There are millions of people asking this question. We at C-Tec were stunned at this especially when there are so many products available proclaiming to be able to stick this material.

To try and attach Polyvinyl Chloride to PVC is actually very difficult, this is widely due to the high content of chlorine in the make-up of PVC. It is the third most popular plastic used worldwide, after polypropylene and polyethylene but cheaper to produce. It’s very versatile in its application from building plastics, i.e. Facias to bath panels, the list is endless. Conventional adhesives typically used to adhere this material are very hit and miss and have disadvantages, for example lack of adhesion and flexibility, the ability to actually achieve a bond. Even two component epoxies have failed.

Some cyanoacrylate (superglue) adhesives can perform relatively well however, if you have large areas to cover the superglue is not suitable or practical. The one adhesive to fulfil all the criteria in sticking these materials is the unique CT1 adhesive and sealant. It is absolutely fantastic due to its unique hybrid polymer formulation, it is solvent free and will remain flexible when cured. The adhesion between the Polyvinyl Chloride is so strong it almost creates a fusion.

CT1 will not only affix these together but will also act as a premium sealant for sealing gutters, windows, door frames, baths, showers, actually it’s the ultimate sealant. There are so many different situations, whether it be sticking, sealing Polyvinyl Chloride to Poly Vinyl Chloride CT1 will perform perfectly. Before adhering these it is advisable to clean the PVC with our CT1 Multi solve. Multi solve is a unique aliphatic solvent that is gentle on the user and surface, but very effective in removing old silicone, grease, wax and a multitude of stubborn deposits.

When the application demands an even stronger bond especially on vertical applications of very heavy Poly Vinyl Chloride panels our Power Grab n Bond is the answer. Power Grab n Bond replaces anchor bolts and is the ultimate fixing product!



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