How to Stick PVC to Metal

Trying to stick Poly Vinyl Chloride to metal is such a difficult task to undertake but yet a very common everyday application, especially in the industrial market. Both substrates are so widely used as PVC has become an alternative to wood for example, facia and doors/panels. It’s not to say that it has replaced wood entirely but in a high percentage of projects this is the case.

Sticking wood to iron was a much simpler task than trying to stick Poly Vinyl Chloride to metal due to certain factors such as the wood being porous and the plastic containing chlorine. Several types of adhesives have been used to try and stick these materials and have not performed satisfactory. A first choice of product to stick these is a silicone sealant but this lacks bond strength and in some cases will etch into the PVC due to the aggressive solvent within the silicone.

Sticking Polyvinyl Chloride to steel with one component mastics or Cyanoacrylate (superglue) equally lack good performance. Cyanoacrylate (superglue) can be, very hit and miss when attempting to stick these two materials. Even when a good bond has been achieved the superglue is not flexible which will eventually lead to the bond failing. The only product (in our opinion) to successfully stick these together is CT1 the unique sealant and construction adhesive.

CT1 is a unique hybrid formulation that contains no solvents, therefore will not shrink or etch into the plastic but also remains flexible. It will create a formidable bond between Poly Vinyl Chloride and metal but also between numerous other materials such as wood, glass, stone and fibreglass with them working in any combination.

So many of our customers have used our product to stick PVC to iron, with 100% satisfaction. This is not only in the short term but also as a permanent bond. In preparation of sticking Polyvinyl Chloride to steel it is advantageous to clean/degrease the surfaces and the perfect solution for this is our CT1 Multisolve. CT1 Multisolve is a unique aliphatic solvent that is gentle to the user and surfaces but very effective in the removal of silicone, grease, wax, tar and a multitude of stubborn deposits.


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