How to Stick Metal Together

How to Stick Metal Together is such a frequently asked question, both in the industrial and domestic markets. With the evolution of chemical bonding one would imagine that it shouldn’t be that difficult to obtain an adhesive to Stick Metal Together. However, that doesn’t seem to be case. When you need to Stick Metal Together what has to be taken into consideration is what type of metal is it?, eg steel, stainless steel, alloy or mild steel, to mention a few.

Using adhesives such as p.u, cyanacrylate or epoxies are very much hit and miss when trying to Stick Metal Together largely due to the oxidation levels in some metals and the lack of flexibility in these adhesives. The revolutionary CT1 construction adhesive is the winner every time when needing to Stick Metal Together. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer for the ultimate bond to Stick Metal Together.  CT1 will Stick all Metals Together, including different combinations, eg, brass to stainless steel or copper to aluminium.

CT1 has a unique flexibility and will expand and contract with the metals. When you need to Stick Metal Together some applications are external and, maybe the surfaces are wet, this is no problem for CT1 as CT1 can be applied on wet surfaces, even underwater. Before Sticking Metal Together it is advisable to clean or remove oxidation from the surface, CT1 Multisolve is the perfect product for this.

Multisolve is a safe environmentally friendly aliphatic solvent that leaves no residue behind. In addition Multisolve will effectively remove all silicone sealants, wax, tar, chewing gum and an endless amount of stubborn deposits.

Question:- How to Stick Metal Together
Answer:- CT1 The Snag List Eliminator

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