How to Stick Metal to Stone

Here at C-Tec we are often asked how to stick metal to stone. A typical application of sticking metal to stone or brick is to stick a metal letterbox to a wall. The problem with conventional two component mixing products (Epoxies) is lack of initial Grab and lack of flexibility.

C-Tec has two solutions for vertical bonding when you need to stick metal to stone

Option 1
Our unique CT1 sealant and construction adhesive. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer which will create a super strong bond between metal and stone.CT1 can be applied on wet surfaces even under water. CT1 will remain flexible and is environmentally friendly with no solvents

Option 2
For exceptional heavy materials when you need to stick metal to stone Power Grab & Bond is the answer. Power Grab & Bond works immediately creating a formidable bond between metal and stone. Power Grab & Bond will remain flexible, will not shrink and is also environmentally friendly. Before applying the adhesive cleaning is recommended and C-Tec’s Multisolve is the perfect product for this. Multisolve is a safe but fast acting solvent which is also very effective in removing old silicones and adhesives.
Need to stick Metal to Stone

CT1 The Snag List Eliminator
Power Grab & Bond


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