How to Stick Granite

Sticking Granite was once an impossible task, but thankfully it is no longer a problem since C-Tec the developers of the famous CT1 sealant and adhesive, have recently created the incredible Power Grab n Bond. Sticking or bonding granite up to this point was extremely difficult at best and impossible at worst.

Why was granite so difficult to stick?

Unlike other natural stone, granite (when polished) was almost non-porous, a huge disadvantage when trying to stick or bond granite. The demand has risen considerably in sticking granite over the last few years, which is the most likely reason why there are very few products available to stick granite.

A two component epoxy glue was really the only option available to stick granite, but this was far from perfect. These type of adhesives are very dated in their technology. They have to be manually mixed and if the correct mix is not achieved, the bond will fail. The epoxy cannot penetrate into the granite and is dependent on a molecular bond between the granite and the epoxy. This process is very weak on granite and even the bond is doomed to fail as it cures extremely hard with no flexibility. Even if the surface was roughened before attempting to stick the granite, the granite itself is extremely solid making it problematic to stick.

Power Grab n Bond is a phenomenon in structured adhesives. It will stick granite immediately and create a formidable bond. Power Grab n Bond is a one component product based on our hybrid polymer formulation that will stick granite instantly it creates a molecular bond on the surface of the granite as soon as it comes into contact with air. Not only will Power Grab n Bond stick granite onto horizontal surfaces; the same results can be achieved vertically. For example, in granite facades a granite slab, let say 350mm x 350mm weighing 10kg can be stuck directly onto a vertical substrate with an immediate grab. There will be no sliding and no need for supports.

The applications are endless, not only will Power Grab n Bond stick granite to granite but also granite to metal, wood, plastic, concrete and several other materials. A typical application is sticking granite worktops onto stainless steel brackets or sticking granite signs or plaques onto walls. We at C-Tec have had many calls from memorial masons congratulating us on producing a product to stick granite so well.

For very small applications where the Power Grab n Bond is too dense to use for sticking granite we recommend the use of our superfast plus adhesive. This unique cyanoacrylate adhesive will perform the smallest of applications, not only for sticking granite but metal, plastic, glass and numerous other materials.

Question: Need to Stick Granite?

Answer: Reach for Power Grab n Bond


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