How to stick decorative roofing tiles on an external wall.

The traditional method of attaching decorative roofing tiles to an external wall required a drill, rawl plugs and screws. It was a labour intensive process with the time taken to drill two holes in the wall for every tile to complete the installation. The practical difficulties with this type of solution are getting a power supply to the installation site and ensuring you have the right masonry drill bit, screws and correct rawl plug size. Drilling through hard masonry is challenging for the best of drills and keeping the holes level and straight is another issue. It would be preferable to have a much faster but effective alternative roof tile attachment process. The challenge has been to find one that combines strength with longevity to provide effective long term adhesion. Many adhesive products have been tried but fell short on their capacity to provide a permanently effective bonding solution that was safe in terms of material compatibility and product resistance to shrinkage and cracking. The search was on for an adhesive product with essential components and properties to provide the perfect bonding solution with no drawbacks. A revolutionary new adhesive has been developed to fill the void and provide a one stop shop for practically all bonding applications large and small.

The perfect bonding agent has been developed.

Sticking decorative roof tiles to a wall as a cosmetic adornment has become a much easier and faster process with the intervention of an amazing new revolutionary adhesive/sealant named CT1. This innovative uniquely formulated bonding agent was named eponymously after the Company who invented, developed and manufactured the product. It is transforming the whole concept of effective long lasting adhesion with a hybrid polymer structure that is solvent free, extremely strong and enigmatically provides a certain flexibility that allows material movement without compromising the product’s bonding integrity. Its efficiency lies in its high tensile strength and long term bonding ability which are ideal attributes for sticking roofing tiles on an external wall. It has an innate resistance to temperature extremes and is water-proofed with the capacity to be spread under water whilst retaining its adhesive sealing ability. CT1 is resistant to vibration and UV and prevents fungal growth – all qualities that are essential for preserving the aesthetic appearance of the roofing tiles over time and the efficiency of the adhesive. This super strong versatile adhesive/sealant has been labelled the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ by the product development Company such is its growing illustrious reputation as the ‘go to’ adhesive solution for practically all bonding applications across many industries and businesses. With its wide endorsement as the perfect bonding solution, it has also quickly become the adhesive of choice for the DIY sector and is now a popular household product in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Its exponential increase in popular use is due to its efficiency and effectiveness as a fast, clean adhesive/sealant product that offers long term bonding success. It is ideal for sticking roofing tiles to external walls.

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