How to stick bulkhead lights to a garage wall.

The most effective way to stick bulkhead lights to a garage wall is to use an industrial strength adhesive that is safe, effective and a permanent bonding solution. In the absence of a realistically efficient adhesive solution the traditional method of drill and screw was used to instal the lights on a garage wall. It is a tiresome and labour intensive task that becomes even more difficult and dangerous if working at height from a ladder. Used widely in industrial and commercial premises to illuminate both outdoor and internal areas, these robust and durable lights are also a popular feature in home settings to light up a garage exterior or interior and to illuminate pathways around a house. LED bulkheads are useful for a continuous lighting supply as they have low energy consumption. Installing these lights would be a much faster process if an adhesive alternative to screws could be found – it would also be a much safer task from a ladder if you simply had to press the bulkhead lights, with an application of industrial glue, against the garage wall with instant adhesive grab effect. The challenge is to find the adhesive product that is powerful enough to do the job efficiently. The question on everyone’s lips is – does such a bonding product exist?

The perfect bonding solution is now available.

A revolutionary adhesive/sealant has been developed by an illustrious Company named CT1 who have an inventory of very successful adhesives and sealants designed primarily for the Construction Industry. This new innovative product that bonds and seals simultaneously with great effect has been named after the Company. The eponymous CT1 adhesive/sealant possesses all the necessary attributes to be the perfect solution for sticking bulkhead lights to a garage wall. Its hybrid polymer formulation is unique in its ability to stick with a tensile strength of 265N/per cm squared whilst providing some flexibility that does not undermine or compromise its bonding integrity. It works effectively on almost all materials ranging from metal to wood with no negative chemical reaction and cures to a bond that is stronger than the material itself. It is non aggressive on synthetic or plastic materials so is ideal for sticking metal or plastic cased bulkhead lights to walls. It is corrosion and moisture resistant with extremes of temperature or weather not affecting its integrity in any way. It is excellent for vertical bonding so would effortlessly stick a light to a garage wall with no issue. The fact that it can be spread underwater and is not compromised by watery conditions means it is the ideal adhesive product for sticking bulkhead lights to a garage wall.

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