How to stick Airtec insulation to a garage door.

Airtec Insulation is ideal for keeping the warmth in and the cold out. It has multiple applications and comes in different layer widths with an aluminium exterior layer to reflect warmth and and a cellophane outer coat to protect against corrosion. It is composed of a thin aluminium bubble insulation membrane which is used in loft or under wood floor insulation. It is also used for wall dry lining purposes and adds extra interior insulation protection to the cavity wall insulation. Another use is to insulate metal or wooden garage doors, which has particular relevance and application if the garage is integral to the house. The only issue with deploying Airtec insulation is you have how to stick it in place as it does not come with a self adhesive surface. The challenge is to source the best adhesive product for the job, ensuring a successful application of Airtec insulation to the garage door. A revolutionary new adhesive developed by the illustrious Company CT1 and designed primarily for the Construction Industry, works equally well in wet or dry conditions and sticks with strength and consistency. It represents a new breakthrough in the world of adhesives. The eponymous adhesive/sealant possesses a unique formulation that makes it a very versatile, safe and solvent free bonding agent. It is compatible with practically any material and has an instant grab factor that cures to an extremely powerful bonding solution.

An amazing new adhesive/sealant has been developed.

CT1 is proving to be the number one adhesive/sealant on the market buoyed by its ever growing popularity as the ‘go to’ adhesive product for all applications. It sticks and seals simultaneously with great effect and is environmentally compliant. It has also received a food safe certification for conformance with ISEGA and is tolerant to synthetic materials. This innovative product is widely endorsed by the DIY sector and Construction Industry in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Its Europe wide accreditations has earned it the apt title of ‘Snag List Eliminator’ and it has de facto become the standard adhesive in every trades person’s and industrial operative’s tool kit. It effectively replaces Wood and PU adhesives, silicone sealants,acrylic sealants and butyl rubber sealants as the most versatile and efficient bonding product on the market. Its UV resistance helps it retain its strength and integrity in the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions, preventing water penetration and product erosion. Its super properties endow it with a flexibility which allows for material movement without compromising its integrity and high tensile strength. It dispenses with the need for additional mechanical fixings or supports as a stand alone super sealant/adhesive. It is the ideal solution for sticking Airtec insulation on a garage door. All you have to do is spread beads of the product on to the airtec insulation at strategic intervals with the assistance of a powerful product trigger release mechanism that delivers a controllable flow of CT1. The adhesive does its work immediately bonding the insulation to the garage door providing a warmer and cosier space to work in.

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