How to stick a toothbrush holder to a tiled wall.

Toothbrush holders are only really a convenience if attached effectively to a location above the wash hand basin or at least in close proximity to the user. In many circumstances the holder has fallen off the wall due to a poor bonding product having been used to secure it in the first place. The challenge is to find an adhesive that is strong, safe and works well in moisture laden conditions. That is quite a tall order considering the number of proprietary brands available. However on close scrutiny you find that none are safe or completely effective and succumb to threatening conditions such as the effects of steam and condensation – which are prevalent in a bathroom environment. These variables can cause adhesive cracking and even shrinkage which in turn will degrade the effectiveness of the bonding joint causing the toothbrush holder to fall off the wall. The challenge is to source a super glue that is safe, non toxic, has high tensile strength and will provide a lasting solution. That has proved to be an almost elusive search in the past which led to a very frustrating result  – a plethora of ineffectual adhesives.Thankfully a very effective adhesive product has been recently developed by CT1 as a direct result of appeals from the Construction Industry. It has quickly become the number one superglue for all construction requirements and is now widely adopted by domestic households and a number of other industries as the de facto go to adhesive par excellence for all bonding needs.

A new super glue solution is at your disposal

Superfast Plus is proving to be a very popular and effective solution for all bonding requirements.The brainchild of CT1, it has quickly developed into the super glue solution of choice for an ever increasing number of industries as well as domestic use. As a multitasked product it is invaluable across an array of business and industrial applications including medical and food. Its versatility and extreme strength make it the go to super glue solution for practically all materials and its unique formulation endows it with appealing attributes. As a solvent free one component adhesive it consists mostly of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Monomer and bonds on a molecular level. Its main characteristic is its ability to provide an extremely strong instantaneous bond that is resistant to temperature changes and atmospheric conditions. This amazing glue is easily dispensed from a bottle, via a nozzle that directs the right amount of product to the target surface area. A less is more approach is advised in its application. Its grab effect is instant and it cures in seconds to provide a very strong bond that is as tough and in some instances even tougher than the material itself. To stick the tooth brush holder to the wall you simply apply a little Superfast Plus to the holder and press it gently into position on the tiled wall where it will adhere within seconds to provide a long lasting bond solution.

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