How to stick a shower caddy to a tiled shower surround.

The primary consideration in choosing any adhesive to stick a shower caddy to a tiled shower surround is the environment in which it has to work. Steaming hot water in a shower area that scarcely has time to dry out before the shower is used again presents a challenging scenario for any bonding solution. There are a number of proprietary brands of adhesive that purport to be the right solution but unfortunately are not fail proof and eventually succumb to shrinkage, cracking and erosion through constant contact with water and steam. It is frustrating to have to repeat the process of sticking your shower caddy to the shower tiled surround because of bonding product inefficiency. Moreover many adhesives are not safe, from an eco perspective, and do not have food safe certification. These are issues to be aware of when choosing a bonding solution for domestic indoor use. In essence it should possess the combined properties of strength, longevity, water resistance and safety. The question is – can you source the ideal adhesive product that ticks all the requisite performance criteria boxes to stick your shower caddy to the tiled surround safely and effectively? A new revolutionary solvent free adhesive/sealant that has a uniquely efficient formulation has been developed specifically for the Construction Industry and is the ideal bonding agent for effectively sticking your shower caddy firmly in place.

An innovative new all purpose adhesive has arrived.

CT1, the home of a range of very successful adhesives and sealants designed with the Construction Industry in mind, has developed a multi application revolutionary sealant/adhesive that has won the support and endorsement of construction and industrial operatives in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Since its inception and release on the market this eponymous bonding product – CT1 – has effectively become the de facto adhesive of choice for practically every bonding applications across all industries and businesses. It has also gained traction in the DIY sector and has quickly become a favourite consumer adhesive. CT1 is a special bonding solution with a host of excellent properties that combines essential components to provide a uniquely formulated product that does what it says on the tin. It bonds practically any material with a high tensile strength that is resistant to any hostile conditions whilst retaining its bonding integrity to provide long lasting performance. It is registered food safe and eco compliant and resists fungal growth – an essential element in a shower environment. A hybrid polymer based adhesive CT1 has a capacity to be flexible while curing to an incredible strength that is stronger than the material itself. Its resistance to chemicals and any cleaning products that are used on tiles makes it a non aggressive bonding solution that is non toxic, odourless and compatible with synthetic material. It is the effective versatile replacement adhesive for all others on the market and will stick the shower caddy with total long lasting effect.

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