How to stick a roof slate in place.

The best way to stick a roof slate in place is to use a tried and tested, solvent free and safe adhesive/sealant that sticks and seals at the same time in a permanent capacity. Traditionally  slates were nailed at intervals to the roofing laths with the horizontal overlap providing both weight and pressure on the row below to keep it firmly in place at all times. This system of slate fixing can withstand gusting winds and all other weather extremes. At least it was effective in past weather patterns. However climate has changed immensely leading to unpredictable events such as challenging storms that threaten the security of traditional means of roof tile attachment. What was effective in the past is no longer totally applicable or dependable in fluctuating weather conditions of severe extremes. A new way of thinking is necessary to combat these unforeseeable and unpredictable future weather events. It is now more sensible to consider sticking the slates as well as pinning them in position on the laths. An even greater challenge is to find an adhesive sealant that has the proper properties to effectively and safely supplement other attachment mechanisms without causing surface damage to the slates. A new revolutionary adhesive/sealant solution that has been developed specifically for the Construction Industry is the perfect answer to this conundrum.

A new adhesive/sealant comes to the rescue.

CT1, the brainchild and new revolutionary adhesive/sealant from the Company of the same name, is the perfect bonding solution for fixing slates on roofs.  Considering the changing climatic environment that enshrouds us we need to find new solutions to developing scenarios created by extreme weather events in the future. Securing slates on roofs is one area where additional methods of fixing may be required to produce a better and safer roofing system to withstand heavier storms and increased wind strengths. The fastest and most efficient way to tackle and overcome that problem is to deploy a tried and tested adhesive/sealant to stick the slates firmly in place. This new and supplementary bonding solution can be applied to other buildings besides houses where slates are used for roofing purposes. CT1 has a unique formulation that is solvent free and UV resistant. Whilst possessing flexibility it provides an extremely strong adhesion that is not compromised in any way by any of its other product properties. This reassuring fact combined with its resistance to UV and water penetration, temperature extremes and weather fluctuations, ensures the product does not shrink or disintegrate but retains its efficient ability to bond 100%. It is easily applicable from a convenient container via a trigger applicator that delivers the right amount of product to the slate for its adherence to roofing lath.

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