How to stick a number plate to a vehicle

There are a number of possible solutions to securing a number plate to your vehicle but they all succumb to exterior forces such as temperature extremes and water penetration and eventually fall off. Self adhesive strips provide a temporary solution but fail to tolerate the ravages of weather extremes long term leading to inevitable dysfunction.Many car franchises in the past simply screwed the number plate to the front and rear metal car panels but that is neither possible or desirable with panels now made from plastic or other fibre materials. Other types of glue have been tested and whilst none are totally safe, those that initially stick the number plate to the vehicle only do so for a while.This tiresome situation potentially means losing your plate unknowingly while driving. This incurs the extra expense of purchasing new plates and the dilemma of selecting another imperfect means of fixing them to your vehicle. This conundrum applies to all sorts of road vehicles including cars, lorries, vans, public service vehicles and even motorbikes reflecting the Motor Industry’s frustration at not having a definitive solution. They have been searching for an effective alternative adhesive solution. In parallel to that quest the Construction Industry commissioned CT1 to research, invent and develop a safe strong adhesive/sealant to replace all other adhesives used by the various building trades. CT1 used the opportunity to develop a versatile adhesive/sealant with a formulation that sets it apart as the go to adhesive for all construction bonding requirements.

A versatile high tensile adhesive to the rescue

The eponymous CT1, named after the Company that developed it, has presented a really efficient alternative to all the bonding solutions that have preceded it. It is an effective replacement for PU adhesives, wood adhesives, silicone sealants, acrylic sealants and butyl rubber sealants and possesses the wow factor of being applicable and efficient in underwater conditions. Its unique formulation enables this strong bonding solution to retain flexibility temporarily in the process of curing – which allows manipulation of the number plate on to its proper surface position. As a water resistant product this adhesive remains totally effective in wet conditions and mitigates against moisture penetration – preserving the bond performance and product integrity. CT1 is solvent free so there are no toxic emissions or smells and its vibration resistance is a perfect attribute for keeping a number plate securely attached on a permanent basis. In spite of its high grab bond it can be removed from any surface with the help of Multi Solve, another product from the CT1 Company that is designed to remove glue from any surface – should a change or transfer of plates be required. The adhesive/sealant’s resistance to chemicals and vibration make it the perfect solution for adhering your number plate to your vehicle. Its compliance with environmental safeguards and food standards provide an extra layer of protection for consumers who rate these attributes as essential in an attribute list ticking process. Its formulation ensures that this amazing safe adhesive/sealant product has a unique adhesion on virtually any material, in most applications, without the need for additional fixings.

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