How to secure threshold steps in place.

Threshold steps have a functional and aesthetic role and are available in different materials and designs. They simply bridge the gap between internal flooring at doorways. They can be oak, brass, nickel or aluminium and come in different colours and finish textures to compliment the flooring. To instal threshold steps on concrete traditionally you required a masonry drill bit and masonry screws to secure them in place. The installation process is time consuming and labour intensive and not cost efficient since you normally need to hire a joiner or floor specialist to do the job. Some experienced DIY enthusiasts may tackle the task themselves, but fixing the threshold requires some skill in cutting it neatly to size and securing it in place with mechanical fixings. A much faster and easier installation process would enable home owners to instal the threshold steps themselves. The question remains – is there a viable and effective fixing alternative to using a drill and screws? A number of adhesives have claimed the ability to replace the traditional method of threshold step attachment but proved either not safe or provided only a temporary bonding solution. Thankfully, disappointment has been allayed with the development of a new revolutionary adhesive/sealant that provides industrial bonding strength combined with longevity. This amazing product is transforming how threshold steps are securely fitted without recourse to tedious traditional methods.

An innovative versatile strong adhesive has arrived.

Fitting and securing threshold steps in place is no longer a time consuming and tedious task. It is now within the capability of experienced DIY adherents to perform the installation themselves. A revolutionary and innovative new adhesive/sealant has been developed by a Company named CT1. It literally does what it says on the tin in providing a bonding solution that is effective, safe and long lasting. Uniquely formulated with the Construction Industry in mind, it works on practically all materials with instant grab and amazing strength to provide the perfect bonding solution. The product, which is eponymously named CT1, is solvent free and resistant to vibration and material movement whilst retaining its considerable adhesive integrity. It is easy to automatically dispense from a cartridge with the touch of a finger – no caulking gun required. A few beads of the product on the underside of the wood or metal threshold step and a little downward pressure is sufficient to secure it permanently in place. There is no drilling required with this product application and its adhesive grab is immediate and effective whilst providing flexibility that does not compromise the product’s ability to cure to a strength stronger than the material itself. Its hybrid polymer credentials ensures it is non aggressive on synthetic materials and is tolerant to chemicals, preserving the bond quality on a long term basis. The wow factor with CT1 is its ability to spread under water and maintain a watertight seal. The sealing component prevents water penetration which is a necessary element when installing an entry door threshold step. This powerful adhesive provides a clean effective bonding solution that is ideal for securing threshold steps.

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